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Tales of Luka: Another Bunch


These are my Final Designs for a few side characters of my upcoming endeavor, Tales of Luka. I've been in the pre-production swamp for a a few years now, But now with a clear vision of what to do and how I can do it. I am so close to being able to enter production. I'll talk more about Tales of Luka as a project soon but for know let me Give you all a more formal introduction to these guys.

In the middle, A Skeleton Guard.

One of Jeza's Many undead servants and creations. Jeza, being a necromance, often gets someone snooping around her tower trying to kill her or something silly like that. So Jeza has created undead guards, conveniently form the bodies of those who've tired to kill her. While her skeleton guards generally like the whole not being dead anymore thing, truth be told they aren't really Jeza's biggest fans.

In the center right, Tera.

Tera is a hardworking and stern Builder and Mother of 3. From a young age Tera always loved building things with her two hands, She built the house she lives in with her 3 young children by hand. One day she met Zanshi and after dancing and drink the two shared a drunk and sloppy night of passion togather. Nine months later she gave birth to three baby girls. Tera pleaded with Zanshi to stay with her and help her raise the children but Zanshi felt it best to keep Slaying monsters as the gold she makes from it means Tera and her children would never have to work a day in their lives. But that's not Tera, she loves building and getting her hands dirty.

To the left, Hanna and Lin.

Hanna and Lin are two fowl and greedy Henchwomen of Jeza. The two do Jeza's dirty work of kidnapping young girls to be use as raw materials in Jeza's work. Half sisters. born on the same day, and children of a Bandit King, the two learned from a young age to kill and steal. Fed up with their father "Always telling them what to do" the two sociopaths found Jeza who offered them eternal youth, in exchange for their services, The two have been happily kidnapping and murdering young girls ever since. Jeza more or less puts up with them but the two have I dare say a talent for their work. So long as they remain useful Jeza keeps them around.

And to the right most, Ben.

Ben is clumsy and absentminded apprentice alchemists. Since he was 12 he's shadowed a master alchemists and upon turning 17 he was finally allowed to work along side the Alchemist. He shows a lot of promise in the art but causes plenty of headaches and fires for his master. Ben has been infatuated with Luka from the moment he laid his eyes on her and will frankly do just about anything to win her affection.

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goin on the right track!

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4.63 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2020
4:36 PM EDT
3D Art
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