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Midnight Oil


" This is Dr. Birmingham of the Clark County Coroner’s office. I’m making this recording for the Lead Investigator on the the Leena Vice Case. I’ll be leaving on vacation tomorrow and I wanted to leave you a sort of... informal report in case we don’t have time to meet, Daisy if you're listening to this please send this to Homicide immediately, I’m not kidding. So, I’ve completed the autopsies of Ms. Leena Vice and Mr. Adam Cole. To be honest I thought Deputy Reynolds was joking when she described the condition of the bodies to me. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it, oddly enough another body came in this morning in a similar condition to Ms. Vice. A young jane doe, about 20 years of age, torn completely in half with her lower half missing at the crime scene. Perhaps you already know about her, either way It’s not the injuries to the bodies that concerns me, If you’ve dealt with as many vehicle crash victims as me, I think you know such a sight is far from uncommon. Though for some reason the blood is still wet l... and the bodies are still warm… Also I’m sure you’ve at least heard about the... heart. Let me tell you it scared the mess out of me when her heart suddenly started beating for a second. It happens every hour or so, same with Mr. Cole and the young female brought in today. As a part of the autopsy I removed the heart from Ms. Vice when to my surprise it started beating again about 20 minutes after removal. I’ve have no idea what’s causing it. It’s frightening how fast they beat, sometimes it’s slow and barely there… Other times it’s going a mile a minute.

But enough about that, Just to clarify Ms. Vice and Mr. Cole are undoubtedly dead. No brain or metabolic activity can be recorded on either body. admittedly that does contradict my claim of the bodies are still producing heat. I’ll explain that in a bit. The cause of death for Mr. Cole is decapitation, As for Ms. Vice she died of her injuries. No other significant injuries can be found on either body, no bruises or lesion such as from a knife or blunt object anywhere on the body. Blood and tissue samples taken from both conclude the two were heavily intoxicated.at the time of death, Ms. Leena had also taken Vicodin, recreationally I can only assume. though no other toxins were found. Trace amounts of semen was found on Ms Leena’s hands and mouth as well as on Mr. Cole’s hands and penis. DNA testing confirm it belongs to Mr. Cole. The only thing I had to go on to determine the time of death was the semen, Going by the blood they die not but a minute ago. If I had to guess it’s was about 8 hours old when first responders arrived. Making the time of death somewhere between midnight to 2 am on June, 8th, 2073."

- Excerpt from transcript of Unnamed recording, June 17th, 2073

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You certainly paint an interesting interpretation of madness stuff :v I can't say I'm not intrigued.

JoSilver responds:

Thank you. I wanted to see what I could do that really hadn't been done yet and I wanted to put my own spin on things. But mostly I wanted to explore the world of madness a bit more. I'm glad you're intrigued, I worked real hard putting this all together and that makes it all worth it.

Amazing job.

JoSilver responds:


Strange as these may be I got admit to you've got a real talent for Story telling.

JoSilver responds:

Why thanks you, I really appreciate it.

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Sep 22, 2015
11:07 AM EDT
3D Art
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