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*edit* Re uploaded after fixing anatomy errors that hentai-foundry was so kind to point out.

This is the 'Safe for Work' Version of this Picture. I had a quarrel between me and my penis on whether or not I should do away with her bikini bottoms. My Penis won in a glorious blaze of testosterone and loneliness. I don't know if I should upload it on Newgrounds but you can see it here.


Anyways this is based on a scene from what I plan for episode 3.

Miss Scar's Boss gives her and her Minions the day off for his birthday so she decides to take them all to the beach all while trying to lay low from a botched bank heist. She uses this time to find a hunky beach bum to... rape to put it lightly. Lulz will ensue.
The actually episode will not contain this gratuitous level T & A, nor will any others as I am trying to keep it something that can be shown on television but something like this happens.

When Miss Scar walks around the street she dons the persona of 'Estelle', a sassy and seductive temptress. She puts on about a pound of make-up to hide the various scars that cover her body, rubber limbs to conceal her missing one, contacts to hide her dead eye and she covers the left side of her face with her hair so one can get a good look at her.

She often vists the park that her and her childhood 'friends' used to play at as this persona, being the bully she was often left alone. It's her way of pretending to be a normal young woman something she missed out on and something wishes she could have. But then reality kicks in and she notices that every child has an ice cream cone in hand and that cannot be allowed!

Hope you guys like it.


Done in flash.


yes i do bitch now get naked!

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make moar porn plox

JoSilver responds:

Eventually... but this really wasn't meant to be taken as porn, oh well! :3

all i see is that hot ass!

It gets me excited.

I hope you don't mind if I want to stick my **** in that ass.

JoSilver responds:

She doesn't mind at all, in fact that's exactly what she wants... But bare in mind she will likely kidnap make you her sex slave and than sell you to a brothel in china town for a small order of Peking Duck with Chow Mien.

You will not enjoy any of it.


AWESOME!5/5 10/10

JoSilver responds:


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