Flathead Lake

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Flathead Lake

Author Comments

I think it is my best digital painting yet! Made on an ipad with Sketchbook Pro and using a Pogo Sketch Stylus. It took two hours and I used a reference. Use it as an iPad background if you have one and stuffs. this works ell as a desktop background too.



I am truly torn by this piece. At one moment, I see how it reminds me of impressionist paintings, and at another it feel like it was so rushed with scribbles and dashes.
I tend to be drawn to the reflections of the trees in the water. At that moment I am reminded of Bob Ross. The white guy with an Afro who could paint like nobodies bitch. He always did water and reflections so well. And I think you too have captured that as well.

One thing I would have liked to have seen was some atmospheric effects. You have some mountains or hills in the back. I think you should have shifted them closer to the color of the sky and water. They would still need to stand out enough to have there own identity as well as aid the framing of your piece. But with the more blended color you would have had this much more subtle surprise.
Over all I do like it.

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Could be a little more crisp

I know that the idea of this piece wasn't to focus on the detail, but the overall impression is one of a very well presented piece. Particularly the jetty style construction in the middle of the lagoon is where my attention is drawn to, possibly by the level of detail there, which may be confirming my issue with the rest of the piece.

It seems that there are a few areas where there is no colour at all - an absence of art, if you will. Personally, I prefer to see these taken up by colours and brush strokes, that cause the page to feel more encompassing and perhaps even make me feel like I am there. Slight tweaks will permit this and make the piece so much better.

[Review Request Club]

Joshsouza responds:

Thanks for the review Coop, (I just noticed that you changed your username) I think I might tweak it a little bit later and fix the details on the Mountains that are far away, and the sloppiness on the trees near. I noticed the lack of color on the lake on the bottom-left and the rest. Thanks for the review.


When I look at this, the first thing I see is a nice nature scene. The more I stare at it, the more I'm impressed because I start to realize all this is...is a bunch of colored lines. When you study the picture, it looks sloppy really...just sloppy brushes without real precision. However, it's interesting what you did with pure slop, I must admit.

The colors you used strike me well, but as far as attention to detail, there wasn't much here. You used rather large sized brushes, and make a very general scene here. Good -yes. Amazing - no.

Overall the fact that this is even something discernible as an image of something is impressive to me. Something like this makes a true artist, in my opinion. It's sloppy, and you can see where each and every stroke was still - but also see a scene, which I think is neat.

As far as personal tastes go, I would have like to see something with more attention to detail and precision, but I still admire the style you've used and the digital painting that you've created here.

I look forward to seeing more of your work - keep it up.


Joshsouza responds:

Thanks for the review! I will try and detail more but it was already night time when I made this so when I woke up, I was kind of lazy and just added a couple more things then wrapped it up. Yeah, when I started noticing how sloppy it was, it was kind of weird. I might use a different style next time I make ipad art. But thanks so much for the review. I really appreciate it.

Sweet home Alabama

This art reminds me of Alabama or something you would see out of a country movie.

The art has a laid back type of style. Its a simple and calm piece of work. It looked like a lot of fun to make this art with the ipad. The art style I really like with the choppy look. It looks somewhat low quality but it is still a very great piece of art. The way you made this art is what I really like about it. I can really put it into words but its very good.

I like how the art has little detail into it but some more detail would help me figure out what this is. Some parts of it I couldn't tell what it was.

All I would of liked was to add a little more into the art. I liked the simplicity of it but a little more couldn't of hurt so it wouldn't be so plain.

-Review Request Club-

Joshsouza responds:

Look at Coop's review and look at my response, think it says everything I want to say.

How's the fishing?

I see a landscape that doesn't scream any particular locale to me, but rather the idea of vacation. When I go fishing, I like to go out to a quiet spot like the one you've drawn and put my feet up; I sit back and cast, cast, cast, waiting for a bite. If it never comes, I still enjoyed chilling out. That's where my brain went when I looked at this picture.

I get a relaxed vibe from this picture. The only problems I've got with it have to do with really tiny technical details. The brown around the rock looked kind of like a glowing aura to me. Is it supposed to be dirt? I'm not sure. In the bottom-left corner of the picture, the water appears to be white, which just doesn't look too pretty to me. In the distance, the mountains have no detail; I'd have liked to see more than just black blobs, but combined with the entire piece, they are passable.

If you fixed up those last couple issues I had, this would probably make its way into my "Desktop Pictures" folder sooner or later. It's a brilliant piece.

Joshsouza responds:

Yeah, I might just cutout the rock and the things on the bottom left is supposed to be wood. Yeah, It's kind of hard to see it like that. I admit I was lazy when I drew the mountains in the distance. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

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Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2010 | 1:55 AM EST
Fine Art
File Info
1024 x 768 px
361.2 kb

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