Baby Cabela 3D And Baby Greed 3D Team Power SEGA 2

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Baby Cabela 3D And Baby Greed 3D Team Power SEGA 2

Author Comments

My character is a perfect model that I've worked so hard to build.

My character supposed to be related to a Sonics team that wants to join the team.
and the artist as well i want to show them something that they'll never forget of sonics history that is, a connection to him of dark connection that wants him dead.
But I know sonic the hedgehog will not let that baby die. He will save his past and future.
As I know sonic the hedgehog will not let baby greed the hedgehog down.

The ultimate challenge for sonic the hedgehog history will come whenever he's ready for him.
I am the true artists of baby greed the hedgehog and the artists take me seriously, there is no artists that drew him but me. I am him the true artists of baby greed the hedgehog. He is not been copied over by another sonic fan character, not at all because I would not be talking about this if he was not and I swear on the gods cross he is a new character and he was created by my fingers.

Please enjoy my project picture of him, he is more improved from this picture scouter, I really don't care what they are I really not here

A scouter can't pass a perfect model. Like baby greed the hedgehog 3d
Is very awesome and perfect. And you can find the classic from my address and the rest of them just check on mice page and you will find the address you never know I might upload another 3-D model of him that is more improved.
This character can take off his shoes his socks and see his feet. And hands underneath the his gloves also you take off his baby pamper his body is sweetly beautiful. Not only dad you can take off his pacifier, his mouth is sweetly beautiful a beautiful nice gums and one tooth in their. This is a sweetly perfect model picture the probably get 4 stars to 5 star. I cannot deny it the character is perfect that sweet look and sweet body that shows he's cute.

But is not all about the cuteness this is a new character to wants to be on his adventure. This character can be on its own as a child he is he could fight on his own he can go places on his own but still will be watch from the characters abound.
Seriously, he could be on his own at that age.

You can also pick up my characters items here for free.

Remember to read the license you be able to keep them as a collection so you can never lose hope of those new characters.

If you love baby greed the hedgehog team that could be one day sonics team then go for it keep it as a collection.

You be able to help them on the site for downloaders means strengthening the new characters chances to sonics team.

Who knows maybe I will upload new items I'm think about uploading Amy's house when I get to it.

if you are look for baby cabela's rattle. To find that one search to the baby name.

Or name it's baby rattle. Or baby you find it.

It's because had a problem with the uploading I was thinking it didn't work there so I changed the name so it's too late to keep it in sonic's name but it is a part of sonics team related.

What is SEGA 2 it is a future of another side.

There is Sega one and Sega two.

Sega is the original for sonics blue. Sega to is the underside baby greed light green yellow. New

So Sega is sonic Sega to is baby greed.

Put in them both together will be Sega to a new character of the underside.

Because there is a second-fastest hedgehog Alive. So blues over there and light green yellow over here. Sega two supposed to be the upgrade to sonics game in order to get this this game has to be built in order for Sega 2. to come.

This game supposed to give Sega an upgrade if it was billed it's a huge number of GB
It's supposed to be enough for Sega. To be Sega 2 it'll be a winner.

So Sega two is just a future name for another arising. Remembered That

This artist has not been scouted yet.

Credits & Info

Sep 15, 2016 | 7:07 PM EDT
3D Art
File Info
1592 x 830 px
218.7 kb

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