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Where Gman Gets His Ideas


On the forums I visit, there is a user named Gman, and a thread called MS PAINT COMICS. It's pretty obvious what the thread is for. We make comics in MS Paint, usually making fun of the forums in some form or fashion.

Gman made a really weird comic where he said "I shall have no part in this and I am not part of it!" a whole bunch of times. It really didn't make any sense. So I made this comic explaining how I think he gets his ideas.

It's MS Paint, yes, but I think it has a very different artistic flair to it.

"Pixel Art" probably isn't accurate but oh well

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dual-motive review

Dear JonBro,
so that you dont believe i am a total shmuck by the end of this review i will start will the part you will like, your review.

i like your style of combining simple and complex concepts together, the very idea that you did this in ms paint, boggles my mind! i realise now this is probably a bad picture to leave my message, as i dont understand or know the source material referenced in this piece...

ill be honest, i had a look at your other art, and made a decision; to review a piece and give you my request...

ive been submitting artwork to newgrounds for the last few months (basically when it launched) and yet i am still not scouted, worse yet, no one even looks at my work...

why am i whining to you? i don't know, it was a lottery pick... maybe because i thought your contributions were not so far from my own work...

so my request... no its not "will you scout me pl0x" its "will you have a glance at my artwork pl0x"

i have now a couple times, deleted old work to fine tune my 20 pieces, and ill just say it, i believe i deserve to by scouted, however this is at your discretion...

so, consider it JonBro, let me know, or blow me off, that's cool too (its cool really)


JonBro responds:

Uh... Thank you for the nice review, but wouldn't it have made more sense to send me all the scouting information in a PM?


u r the best JonBro

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Aug 23, 2009
8:37 PM EDT
Pixel Art
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914 x 892 px
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