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I am Ignorant

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Aug 15, 2015 | 12:37 PM EDT
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“Walking down a dark tunnel I’ve noticed that everyone stopped caring, even I did, so I kept walking.”
“I’m not really sure if depression blurs your perception of life or shows you the reality of it”, as a kid I was positive about life and I thought that life was amazing. But its only normal to question your existence, does god exist? I don’t believe in God and I never did, but what made me believe in God in that time was fear, fear of the unknown, I didn’t know the answer about the afterlife and religion was the only answer I had. Then you learn about evolution, evolution explains things religion tries to hide or scare you about, and then you realize that religion is a scam but then new questions pop, what is the point in living? What is the meaning of life? What is our goal? Well as we know all animals including us main goal is to pass on their genes which explain why all animals evolve, eat, reproduce, etc. Survival is everything, we evolve to adapt in the environment in which we habit to survive, we eat to survive and when it’s time to mate which is the main goal of life to pass on our genes, after the survival now we have to take care and protect the newborn to be sure about the survival of our genes, then you get older until you reach the end of the cycle of life and die. So what's the point? Just mating? Modern day humans have different types of goals depending on the person like being an artist, a singer, an actor, etc. I explained this to one of my classmates and she responded and so what? I really break up my head thinking about it, I over think too much the reaction that society will give me, will I fit in? So I guess being ignorant makes you happy, not having to question yourself means no worries, not thinking about what society thinks about you creates confidence.
I don’t have family problems, my parents have a stable relationship and they spend time with me and my brothers but we do have some financial problems, as a kid I never imagined how much my parents work to give me and my brothers an education or in other cases with other families where the parents relationship is unstable and maybe the parents don’t have a really good bonding with their children and as they grow they know about these problems and this might depress them. So does it mean being ignorant makes you happy? Because I believe that if I were less ignorant I would be dead.
So we return at the beginning of this text but I’m going to end it in a different way “I’m not really sure if having a different perception or reality of life causes depression”.