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For those interested in finding all the video game-references, don't read the text below the === bar as those will be the answers. FYI there are 18 references on Laurel's and 17 on Hardy's.

This started out as trying out an idea I had but it soon turned into something more serious.
For anyone wondering why I chose to combine Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy with all these Nintendo characters: Laurel and Hardy reminded me of Mario Bros. Luigi and Mario; I thought of mixing these two with a lot of Nintendo characters soon after.
If anyone's interested I can also upload a bigger version of both separately so let me know if you'd want that.


From left to right:

1. Triforce, the The Legend of Zelda series
2. Brick wall, the Super Mario series
3. Pac-Man, Blinky & Pinky, Pac-Man
4. Falco, the Star Fox series
5. Kirby, the Kirby series
6. Burrowing Snagret, the Pikmin series
7. Hammer Bro., Paper Mario
8. Ekans, the series
9. Toon Link, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
10. Red Pikmin, the Pikmin series
11. Metroid, the Metroid series
12. Mario, the Super Mario series
13. Diglett, the series
14. Big Lantern Ghost, Paper Mario
15. Navi, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
16. Raven, Paper Mario
17. Bullet Bill, the Super Mario series
18. Ditto, the series

1. Lash, the Advance Wars series
2. Luigi, the Super Mario series
3. Lava Bubble, Paper Mario
4. Vaati, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords
5. Pidgeot, the series
6. Energy Tank, the Metroid series
7. Zero, the Kirby series
8. Bald Bull, Punch-Out!!
9. Lucas, Mother 3
10. Sushi, Paper Mario
11. Bombette, Paper Mario
12. Boo, the Super Mario series
13. Kazooie, the Banjo-Kazooie series
14. Charizard, the series
15. Travis Touchdown, No More Heroes
16. Metapod, the series
17. Metaknight, the Kirby series

And last but not least: Laurel and Hardy

Travis Touchdown Grasshopper Manufacture, Marvelous Entertainment, Ubisoft & Rising Star Games
Pac-Man & Ghosts Namco
Kazooie Rare, Microsoft Game Studios
All other characters Nintendo
This artwork made and by me, contact and ask for permission if you want to use it for something

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May 16, 2013
8:34 PM EDT
Pixel Art
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