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Hello, Sweetie!


Alright, so here's the deal. I promised that I'd make my first attempt at a Photoshop painting and upload it before the weekend was over. I haven't painted anything since Facebook Graffiti ended up getting that stupid Sharpie Marker cursor a while back. I know that pretty much everything I've uploaded so far has started out with "I've never done this before." but it's the truth!

So I started this about 5 pm yesterday and have been on the computer constantly for the last 12 hours working on it with A Brief History Of Time's audiobook playing in the background (well, food and dog walks and so forth not withstanding). If you zoom in far enough you'll see the majority of that time was spent on the faces and then I just slowly started giving up as I went along. It's almost 5 am now and I simply can't work on this anymore and have a lot of crap to get done tomorrow, so forgive the mountain's crappy look (same for the Book of Spoilers).

I still think it came out decent enough for a first attempt to feel some kind of pride for it. Like a retarded child, I created it, and although it may fill my heart with sorrow, I will treasure it and love it for what it is. If enough people insult it, maybe I'll try to make it look a little nicer later on in the week and update it. As it stands, though, this is probably gonna be all she wrote.

I didn't get into DW until I came across it one day on Netflix last year. (I know, blasphemy) I watched a few of Eccleston's episodes and instantly fell in love with it.

Then I watched "Blink".

I am a HUGE time travel lover. ANY type of story that involves tachyons, wormholes, machines, whatever you will, to allow time travel and I'm usually sold whether it sucks or not. HOWEVER, when a time travel story is written to FUCKING PERFECTION, I obsess.

"Blink" may be my favorite story ever, second ONLY to Xanatos going back in time and giving himself that old ass coin from "Gargoyles". Only because I have a deep affinity for time travel stories that don't involve separate time lines or paradoxes and such. If you pull off a "whatever you do while in the past, you already did, nothing can be changed" type story with utter flawlessness you have my undying love.

Again, "Blink" is that story. Since then I've watched every Who I can possibly get my grubby little hands on. Not to mention was ECSTATIC when my favorite comedy, Community, created it's own parody "Inspector Spacetime".

So when searching my noggin' for what I wanted to be the first painting I contributed to the geeks and nerds of the internet, this was the only possible choice.

As Steven Spielberg once said, "The world would be a poorer place without Doctor Who.", and even if the River Song arc may not have ended as wonderfully as Series 5 did, they may have the best love story I've ever witnessed.

So, here's to you, Melody Pond.

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Credits & Info

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Jun 10, 2012
4:56 AM EDT

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