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The Secret Nae


This was originally a previous art piece I made for a thread over at the art forum called: the secret of nae (or something) and decided to re-invent it and update the style a little. I am pretty happy with the turn-out.

Can you tell who it is?

Go here to view the previous version:
http://www.newgrounds.com /art/view/jkamovies/i-ma-

Done using a combination of both Photoshop and Flash.


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Imma firin mah lazor

Nice piece, JKA, and I can definitely see which bits were done in Flash and which were done in Photoshop - it's a clear blend of each, and you've mixed it cleverly. Not to mention that Nae is fighting ways Rays. I see some humor in that. It might just be me trying to see the funny side of everything. If it indeed is based off good ol' RaeNaeNae, but I doubt that it could be anyone else anyway. Anyway, just over here to drop a review and the like, I'll try to keep it somewhat cohesive.

There are quite a few good things about this pictures - the colouring suitably matches the background detail, you've managed to blend both Flash and Photoshop really well to give off the feeling of an urban challenge, something of a battler scouring the streets. I love that idea, and moderators kicking ass is to be expected anyway, so great job on giving that impression. Did a little clicking on the previous version and I can say you've improved a heap - not just in style, but in technique and, well, just about anything that can be improved on. The subtle additions - like colouring the highlights to make them look as if reflected off Rae's Rays, her ninja pose and the minor details like that - all add in to an effective picture.

However, there's also quite a bit that needs improving on. Her proportions are so out of whack it's not even funny - her legs being shorter then her arms, her torso a tree trunk, and her boobs look like they could probably smother me to death without much effort behind the blow. Now of course perspective plays a part but it hasn't been used nearly effectively enough to make up for the horrible proportions. The background could use a lot more additions to secure it as an urban setting - whether it be minor props, the bodies of splattered gangsters, or a thousand other things that could make the setting seem much more realistic and viable - while Flash was effective, using Photoshop to create the background would have been the better choice.

Other things - like her non-existent face (hehe, see what I did there?), her neglected shading spots, and the overall lack of detail are really what bring this submission down - it's a good piece, but simply not good enough to make up for it's own flaws. Honestly, the main way I would say to improve it is to add in everything, even if only things that might need adding, in simple format during the sketch layer, and repeatedly both going back to edit that sketch layer to add in the details, before finally applying it to your final piece - right here, it seems as though you've drawn it straight off the bat, an approach which, more often then not, turns out to be fairly ineffective on satisfying an art-critic on closer observation - it tends to lack detail, a component that most pieces need.

Overall, it's a good piece and I like it - it's effective and the inside joke is there for all to see. However, there are many ways that you could improve it and I would suggest that you try a few - while it's obvious that you've improved a great deal, being willing to take the time to really plug in those minor details and greater backgrounds really does help out in the long run. Good work, JKA, this is a good addition to your art collection as it is.

And sorry being being such a wordy bastard, it's more or less my nature when it comes to writing.

JKAmovies responds:

Well... I'd like to say that is the longest review I have ever seen (not that it's a bad thing mind you).

Alright, onto actually responding: Thank you for the review and the very good helpful criticism, as you have labeled many, well, everything that could help me improve on :3

The main point of this was simplicity (in a way), I am all for simplicity (is just me) and adding too many variations and colours degrades that simplicity that I was aiming for, though, a background would have helped for sure (I dunno, I don't like drawing bg for art).

My proportional values still need work as always, but I am getting better and will keep aiming at improving that (I'm not too good at female proportions... yet), but, in my own way, If I were to make the proportions too-realistic, it would ruin the over-all design (I wasn't aiming for realistic features, you probably guessed from the broom head) but I understand what needs to be improved and will work from it.

I should undertake your advice for trying multiple shades and layers, It isn't something I do often, and would probably help out a lot. When I draw, it's usually on paper with pencil, then scanned into photoshop or a file image, then drawn over onto photoshop/flash and finalized into the final piece. Maybe adding the variation of styles and shades would help the overall proportions also..?

Either way, thank you for your very detailed review. I will try my best to work from it ~JKA

Credits & Info

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Sep 23, 2010
2:40 AM EDT
Fine Art
File Info
800 x 600 px
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