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Heres a short story did for class.
read rest on DA
In a land and time unknown, lived several civilizations that prospered and coexisted. However, the many beings that inhabited these civilizations were not mere human, elves, or dwarves. These beings were elemental creatures that occupied the lands that they saw harmonious to their own physical qualities. Some of these beings were able to withstand the heat from the lavas deep within the earth having qualities resembling fire and some lived on the freezing edges of the earth, the ice creatures. They were peaceful creatures and were considered servants to the land. These creatures however neutral in their ways have always favored one kind of being over men. They were the beast creatures. For the Beast creatures valued the land as a sacred entity and lived peacefully. Their kinds were many in variety. They were beings that ruled the lands that took shape in half man half beast. These creatures have always been in conflict with the men of this world, for they saw that men are greedy and easily persuaded. Amongst the Beast creatures were the Harpies, they took the shape of half human half bird. They lived high along the mountaintops in isolation until the arrival of men. They’re existence was misunderstood and feared by man. The harpy people stood tall with long powerful talons that can crush stones. They could fly and move faster then the winds can blow. They’re wings were not just tools for flying but were enchanted with magic. One feather from a harpy will grant flight to anyone who hones it. However, should a harpy lose a single feather, they themselves shall begin to wither away with each fallen feather. Thus the feathers of their wings heavily determine their existence. They hated the humans most of all, for the humans disregarded and hurt the land around them, unworthy of existence to the eyes of the harpy people, they detested everything about man. The feelings of detest echoed within all the other beast civilizations as well. In the conflict with the harpy people, humans and their greed sought after the harpy’s feathers causing conflict and war between the two races, further perpetuating the distrust to the humans. Many generations have now past, and both sides have sworn a great oath to the Mystic Council. The Humans were to never seek the feathers ever again, and the Harpy people were to remain high among the mountains, never to come down, to keep peace between the two. The leaders of both sides agreed to this. Until one day, when a young harpy girl known as Vency sought to be free from the confines of the mountaintops.
The air was cool with an early morning mist of snow and the sun was just to about to break the horizon. Vency waved at the scouts below as she soared across the sky with her wings tucked tightly. She was sneaking her way down into the human kingdom of Grinzart once again. Although it is written that Harpies were to never enter where humans reside, she was calm and focused. Visiting the human town had become routine to her. Sneaking out of her kingdom, Windguard was easy. Her sister, Cherylet would tell her father she would be out for a flight that day and all was sound. It was normal for her kind to go out and practice flying early in the morning. Her Father was a gallant knight of the kingdom and was also an imperial flight instructor andVencym, a 200-year-old harpy girl, which is relatively young for her kind, was able to master some of the most difficult of skills the school had to offer. And so it wasn’t out of the ordinary, especially Vency to be out practicing. It was her ambition that moved her along so quickly. Always yearning for more, she read plenty and found ancient texts that told of the human’s existence below. Of the many civilizations and creatures of the land, humans seemed to intrigue her the most. Who are these so-called destroyers of land, she wondered. Not satisfied with the stories she so diligently read, she secretly explored the nearest kingdom Grinzart, to find out for herself.
Vency continued across..


...Wow... Fuckin' breathtakin'! Ya earned that spot on th' front page!

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Jettyjetjet responds:

woah, thanks!

wow. soo much details D:
this is very Very well done

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Jettyjetjet responds:

thank you sir, be sure to catch the story i attatched in the description.

The line art is very clean also you colored it so that you can barely notice it on some parts. And I think there are many parts that were made without any kind of line art. I would guess the head body ratio is about 1:7. Her wings are painted in a very effective way. I really like the details at the elbows. I guess she is a Queen Harpy because of her crown. Her antennas on her crown remind me some Pectinate Antennae.

Her bottomless shoes and toeless Thigh-Highs with suspenders show her connection to nature. I interpret her sharp nails that she is something like a predator too. Very good. Also her Pauldrons have typical features from the nature. A really brilliant idea butterflies uses these kind of eyes, so that predators think they being stared at by a larger animal. So her have two functions light protection because of the material and some kind of illusion for enemy's.

Her wings seem to be from white dove, if I'm right. I really like the picture, I see that there a lot of effort especially with all the details of the nature.

The background is done really nicely. A very good example of lost and found and not being clean cut all the way around. :D I really like the rays and the pollution that is flying around.

Also really nice clothing colors. While yellow and blue are almost complementary and yellow and purple directly complementary, they still fit together in this illustration. Because of the saturation and value, I think.

They're a just few slight spots, where I miss some detail or additional shading. But this is just my own taste and I want to stay objective and not subjective.

Subjective I really like her ears. I really like sharps ears from elves etc.

Objectively speaking I think they don't match to her mood. I see it like this: The ears point too much upwards, this shows me that she is under much tense or she suddenly listens attentively. They were more relaxed side down, if she is not under much tension, I think. Or I'm being smug about something. For example Nekomimi/Elves/Fairies can also support their emotions through different gestures, something like that I mean. But maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree so it won't influence my rating.

Really good work.

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Jettyjetjet responds:

wow such a thorough thought out response, i am immensely grateful. You've moved me to post up the short story that inspired this character. Although i didn't post much info about her story, other then "harpy" in the tag, you deducted VERY WELL. I'm impressed with your understanding of all the elements from color theory to story telling. I like your thoughts on the ears, will consider using that next time i do a piece on her.

Ohhh. Finally? How long was this one in the works for?

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Jettyjetjet responds:

well actually about 1 year, but it was off and on. In terms of hours id say 20-30 i believe. I just kept putting it off because of work.

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