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Alacrity Stance


Huh... Huh...... HOSNAP! I wish i can thank those people who came to visit my profile, and commented. Thanks and may all the hosnaps be upon you all. Any way, this is a concept art for a femal warrior i've been working on. If the the design criteria were, super athletic, abs very defined, blond hair, and SUPER CUTE but deadly, this is what you get. We call her, death pixie Alacrity. Enjoy

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Her gloves and boots are fantastic and through her expression it seems as though she is someone to call upon when entering a battle. The scars seem to tell a story of her past which makes her quite interesting. However, her face seems a little too perfect for a battling hero. Still, she's an incredible character and I admire your work :D What was your inspiration for this character?

Jettyjetjet responds:

Wow such a long and detailed comment, thanks so much. Sorry about the delay, im a doo doo head, Anyways, the inspiration really were a number of things, but loosely speaking. I have concepts in mind, but not really looking at anything per say, FOR THIS particular drawing anyway. First off, let me tell you about who she is, Alacrity is a character from an ongoing character design project, she's an OC by a client of mine, many famous artist have done their rendition of her, you may have seen a few, maybe in adds or art websites such as deviant art. Anyway, with that aside, i was assigned to come up with whatever i had in mind, and this was one of the outfits that came to mind. What was i thinking of? well, post apocalyptic, fantasy mixed sci fi, anime desert, rogue, assassin, ex super soilder, extremy fit, and super cute. These was also the descriptions given to me, as well as my own inovations, so yeah. As for costume, i thought about Ivy from soul caliber, lots of belts, and the metal guards can be you typical ninja armor, with my own flare. I can go on all day about the description, but ill leave it at that. Thanks again so much for taking your time and writing your review, i greatly appreciate it. =)


The breasts seem to hang a considerable amount for how small they are. But I guess that makes perfect sense since the armor would weigh them down. I think the stomach muscles are strangely distributed--as in, they don't maintain the evenness that abdominals do. But this could very well be a style preference (?). What's excellent, though, is the coloring. I love the color grading from warm to cool to create focus. The hazing/atmospheric perspective really creates strong focus on her face, which is beautiful but not fragile. tl;dr: you are a great artist.

Jettyjetjet responds:

yeah you have great insight, they are suppose to be small, and i do agree with you on that part, and it kills me to have to keep going back to fix things. For the abs, yeah it is stylistic, and the abs in my opinion are not strangely distributed at all, if you google abs, no one set of abs look alike. Other then that thank you so much for checking me out, gonna post up a lot more stuff.

Damn, that girl is RIPPED!

This is really nice, I like how well the muscles look.
The only thing that I would suggest is make the breast plates bigger and add some straps around it to add support. It may also help out balance the level of details you have below the waist area.

Jettyjetjet responds:

hmmmm, that sounds good, bigger breast plates?? Or bigger breast in general, because i forgot to mention, she had to have small breast. The strapless ness, yeah, its suppose to be future tech, they just stick, but it's also been bothering me too. But as i know, if you have to explain it, gotta change it. Might just change that....

So, your first proper art in the portal, Nice start, love your style, the sketchy lines are rough but you make up for the tonal qualities and other details, not sure on the sticky-backed bra cups. really like the textured quality you have created on the blue armour. overall not really top star material. but close... hope to see more quality stuff in the near future :3

Jettyjetjet responds:


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4.80 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2012
3:54 AM EDT
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