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Julie Embers at the wall defends herself against the oncoming Sleeper attack in TMIM episode 2: The Wall.


This is a pretty good drawing, but the thing that really kills my score for this drawing, though, is how all of the blood looks. It's not even red, it's pink, which just makes this drawing look weird.

Also, with the blood, I think there is too much that are just little specks and spots. What I mean is, is that if someone got a bunch of blood on them that it probably wouldn't look like that. There's also just a little too much in general.

Finally, with how you drew the blood, the blood on her skin looks like a bunch of wounds. The shapes and the color don't do the blood on her arms any justice.

It's up to you if you'd like to redo this drawing, but I think it should be redone. You just didn't do a very good job here with the blood. I'm certain that if you worked on it again that you could make it so much better.

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JayWEccent responds:

Thank you very much for your comment. The blood itself is not regular blood. It's Sleeper blood. The texture is different, the look is different and the color is different. The series is The Monsters Inside Me. I got the blood idea from the Evil Dead series. They used pink, black, red, neon red and every other color in between. I put a lot of nods towards that series in Monsters. The way the blood looks weird is a good thing. It's a very good thing because it should look weird... It's inhuman and should be a bit off putting. As for the spots, in the second episode she stops shooting them and starts using her fists and kicks them. If you do it with enough force and enough times you can get splattered. She is described in an episode called "The Hutch" by a character called Chadwick "Your covered in their filth" She is covered in it, speckled in it, draped in it. It's just all over the place artistically and crazily. As for the Sleeper blood on her skin looking like wounds, Sleeper blood causes decay in skin, merges with blood cells and changes you over time. Again, thank you for your input :)

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Jun 8, 2016
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