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Commissioned work.

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How would I go about contacting you for a commission!? :>


B. Jenet is so broken in Max Impact II. But anyway:

I think you should have added a crease to the inside of her elbow. When the elbow is bent to that degree, the skin starts to overlap. It would also help define the shape of her forearm, which reads a little flat since there is no line there to give it form. I also think the collar bones are a little flat since you used a combination of soft and hard shadow. When you use soft shading combined with hard edges, it reads as a flat, hard object. I think it would have been better to go with one or the other. And it would have been appropriate to continue the yellow rim lighting over the slope of the shoulder since I don't think her hair would overlap that part. Everything else is excellent. Great color choices as usual.

Her arms seem a bit too long, they look like they would reach down to her knees if they were straight. Her right hand's shape seems odd, the arm and hand is one straight line, maybe its the angle but it looks odd. Might just be the light on that arm, makes the arm look more 2d. Neck looks slightly too long and thin, but might just be how her hair hangs on the left side of her face. The angle of her left arm looks strange, and the elbow looks a bit too wide as well. Also the way her torso bends and how thin it is looks odd.

Okay thats the majority of nitpicking out the way. I like this drawing.
Her hair is very well done, the detail on it is very well done, most people usually cut corners with there but the different colours and details on strands is very good. i like her outfit, the detail on it is good, the sash looks pretty cool and garter looks well done if a bit lacking in details. The outfit design overall is excellent but the way the outfit reflects like and the way is crumples in places seem a bit off. (maybe crumples isn't the right word, i mean the lines on it below her waist) Doesn't look that realistic (cartoon wise or real wise). Her face lips, eyes and eyelashes are all well done. Although the direction of her sight seems odd.

But this is a cartoony drawing so most of the faults can be forgiven as "your own style". Well done, keep it up, despite my nitpicking.

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4.74 / 5.00

May 5, 2012
8:58 AM EDT
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707 x 1000 px
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