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"An overturned Jeep"


***Transcript of recording#002***
Can you explain what happened with your group on the war grounds General?

There isn't more to cover than it being my biggest regret.

Do you know how the Jeep was damaged Sir?

The Jeep. That's what you want to know? Look. I don't know if it drove over, or was hit by an explosive. All I know is not one of my men survived...

Your men. They were very good, right?

Of course! Everyone of them. The best I've ever known. What are you trying to get at?

Sir. I meant as Soldiers.

Oh. Well I only fight with the best. Not that it helped them then. Sorry for my outburst. This isn't something I've spoke of in quite some time.

Sir. I empathize with your struggle. But to put it bluntly we need to know about one of them. The owner of this helmet.

That's Shads helmet.

Shad? Did this Shad strike you as off in anyway?

How dare you. He gave his life. I already said not a single one of these men were less the heroes.

I'm not saying they were. I'm saying this one in particular may not be a hero anymore. And yes we have reason to believe he is alive.

Shad!? Alright let me explain this! Shad was launched from the vehicle. He was delirious after the initial head trauma. I saw him crawling away from the jeep. His head covered in flame. His face was burnt to ash and bone! Do you think a human can survive that!

I'm sorry for the confusing questions. But we have video footage matching this man to Shad. We want you to view this clip. Does this man look like what you saw after that crash?

You guys are ridiculous. You're fooled by a mask and some altered footage. This interview is over.

Sir! Look closer. A mask can not hug tighter than bone. Also this camera was manufactured and manned by our own employees. You have my confidence that this cameras footage is exactly what it was when it was first recorded. Look.. Shads body wasn't there when we retrieved this helmet, yet everything else was perfectly in tact. Charred, but untouched. We are not idiots. We understand the insanity here. But if you can't give us the information we need. Bad things will happen.

Well shit. What information is that? What could I give you that can help you catch a ghost!

Do you know where he wanted to go after he got out of the army?

Jesus... He said something about North America and working as an artist. He would design symbols on our tanks. He made some amazing shit. But believe me. He isn't your guy. That should be clear.

Thank you this will help. There is one more thing. We decrypted a message that we received at our offices. A single encoded sentence that took a week to crack. If you can tell us what it means I will leave you in peace.

Alright. Tell me then.

It says No Gods, No mortals. He will defile, He will prevail.

Wait.. that's not... That's what he said before we crashed.

Sir. Are you okay? Please sit back down.

You don't understand. I know what he's going to do!

What sir? Please tell us. What is he planning!

... he's gonna draw some booty.. lot's of booties.


Cartoon booties.


Anal sex.

Anal SEX!!!

Yeah BOY!!


Probably the longest and hardest work I've ever worked on, besides the story you just read. This painting is a mixture of digital painting and matte painting. This has been a long project. Hopefully it comes across.

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4.39 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2016
10:13 PM EDT
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1750 x 1307 px
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