The Jazzman


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Drawing made for my drawing class at university in January 2010. Sketched in pencil and lined with permanent marker.

*This drawing is based on a toy. Therefore, it's not accurate at all.


i happen to play sax

if that's a tenor (by size i assume it is) the neck should have a more noticeable curve to it & shouldn't be as long. where is the other hand? you'd be able to see it if you were playing the sax like the guy is. also, right hand on bottom left hand on top. doesn't matter if you're left or right handed, it goes like that. another thing, the pinkie finger of both hands have a specific place where they rest because they also push keys for notes. the hands (both) won't wrap all the way around the sax either. the rest on the front, the right hand off the the right a slight bit (from player's perspective). saxes also don't puff out their cheeks if they're any good, you keep them tight, just like any other wind instrument. i don't blame you for leaving out plenty of sax details, they're pure hell to really try to draw because of all the crazy crap they have going from here to there. another sax bit, the bell of a sax isn't so thick & fans out more. even more sax facts, the keys won't be directly facing you when you have the sax at that angle, you'll only be able to see a little of them excepting the side keys that go under the palm of your left hand (if you're the sax player) & the keys that you play with the pinkie of your left hand. the mouth piece is also wrong. never ever seen on ego that way. it should slope down on the top after a little flatish part & the bottom should be all flat except where the mouth piece narrows down to go on the neck piece. the flat bottom is so the reed can be put on the thing (how woodwinds make any sound at all, thus the name). the ligature holds the reed on in case you want to include that (there are lots of different types so i won't dictate which kind you should make). if you want to do the buttons you should really just Google a tenor sax 'cause i'm not even capable of telling you how to draw all the darn things. not bad but i'm picky with sax pictures, especially when i can pick out the mistakes real easily like in yours because of the simple nature of your pic. keep it up! (i hope you're not overwhelmed with all that saxy info.) :}

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Feb 28, 2010
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