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You could see this as a complaint against how advertising is no longer about the project, or about the pornification of modern society. The mantra "Sex Sells" has lead advertisers to forget their actual job, which is marketing a product.

You could also see this as me dicking around in photoshop. Whatever floats your boat man.


well, i'm going shopping, see yal laters.

whirly boobs

im not mad that its not tits im mand tha it does not have an face :D


I really don't know why this is not at least 3.5/5. I guess people don't understand the message and sarcasm behind it.
I completely agree that advertisers do often use sex to sell their products. I think its a thoughtless, derogatory strategy in advertising, but what annoys me more is that people fall for it.
On another note, I really like the actual image. I love the strange physical structure of the figure's body. I find the simple term "Buy Groceries" humorous, but I don't know if that is because of my own sense of humor, or if that was intended to be funny. Either way, I really appreciate the humor and ideas behind this image.
This is a very simple piece, but I really do like it :)

J-qb responds:

Glad you like it; I've come not to value scores on ng so much and in any case it's probably not the right demographic for this kind of stuff. The "buy groceries" was kinda ment humorous in an over the top kind of way, how commercials sometimes tend to be totally unrelated to their message.


Here we go...
This has some wonky anatomy, but I'm pretty sure that the excess of length in the limbs are very intentional. It looks very alien. The swirls around the major joints, the face and breast really throw me off at first. After taking a moment to get accustom with such a strange look I noticed the line art. The line work is quite jagged. I'm sure your brush had no softness to it when you drew this. You have a pretty strongly stylized piece, it makes it hard to put a good critique to it.

I try and not read the authors comments until I have already taken a good look at the art. I do this to see what I can make of the art first and to avoid as much emotional attachment to the artist as possible. After reading the first part, the entire thing makes a good bit more sense then it originally did. If this really is a piece relating to the "Sex Sells" mentality then I can see a good purpose for all the exaggerated limbs and stylized features.

I think perhaps in a future project, if you were to redo this, I thin you should draw a billboard or something that you would see the "Advertisement" in or on. Mostly for the added effect of it being an ad.

Touche QB, you tossed me a good curveball. I hope I at least hit it well.

J-qb responds:

He swings... and he misses!
nah jk ;P I know how hard it can be to review such stylizes pieces, but at the same time that makes it hard for me to improve on this stuff; so thats why i asked you. Thanks for the review.

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Nov 20, 2010
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