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I think that its interesting that you find out about the shooters' reasoning for doing it in the Love Conquers All version of Pico's School. Combining it with what happens in the original game, to me, you get something like this

Alucard: It's not my fault.

Cyclops: What else was I going to do...?

Hanzou: If you say so.

But no matter the reasoning, if you kill someone, there's no going back. that's unforgivable.

(The rest of this description is a rambling about actual school shootings, so feel free to not read this if it is uncomfortable to you.)

A while ago I decided to research school shooting incidents... the root is a mental health problem, but it's not something that can be legitimately fearmongered. It's not delusions, or a lack of empathy, or anything like that. In fact, people with the aforementioned symptoms are the most vulnerable to violence because of the stigma...

The common thing I noticed was that all of the perpetrators had a previous history of a terrible instance or interest in violence, and they were all suicidal. (For example, the Virginia tech shooter harassed two girls and barely got punished for it, and one of the Columbine shooters posted threats of violence towards the school and a student a long time before it happened.) If someone with authority stepped in and actually cared, maybe these incidents wouldn't have happened... It's a systemic thing... and bare in mind these people were sexist and racist already, so...

And well, the suicidal aspect... You've thought of killing yourself before, haven't you?

I remember once, in 7th grade, my friend group was talking, I forget about what, but one of my friends said something along the lines of "We've all been suicidal before." And then we just all went silent and looked at each other for a few seconds, because he was right. Why the fuck was he right? We were 12-13 years old... Why...

That's the sad part to me. It could be anyone, if they were convinced enough to murder someone. To have power and control before you have to bear the consequences. To go on a joyride before you die. I think, whoever acts upon that, shows their true colors... they don't care about the world, they just want to give it more misery because they wallowed in their own suffering and couldn't be assed to try and help people instead.

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Yeah, if you think about it is quite sad.

They're so cute! I really love Cyclops' expression!

It struck me that the text was so long.
I read it all and I have to say that it is true I remember that I and everyone had a suicidal thing at 9-12, I was quite because of the depression, they made me a massive bully, I always had to be looking over From the shoulder and from the corner of my eye, I used to have a family member watching me at recess through the bars, (to let me know if they were going to attack me without my noticing) something always happened, I don't remember the vast majority of things, (I have a very good memory, I remember useless details like, who knows? You can ask me the names of the characters in my old drawings and I can tell you, but most of my memories of bullying are blocked, which I appreciate). what I remember is when they tried to push me down the stairs or when I saw that one of the leading bullies joined together with two others and told her to punch her in the face. He did it (very hard) a while passed and I saw how he went to the teacher with a completely black eye ...
Oh what traumas, I'm sorry for talking so much about myself, my classmates had some things, among the liar-pyromancer, the lying girls (those with the black eye), Alice, Alice is a demon, always doing harm to others, people or animals, and saying that when she had a weapons license they would stop insulting her for being black.
I only remember a normal girl in the whole class, she was very good ...

iWander responds:

It's sad that these experiences are so common. I'm sorry that all happened

lets fuking gpoooop

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