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This is unfinished but ill just chip away again later, this project is never really done anyway, id feel like an idiot saying "soooon" but the scope got trimmed back at least so it's more feasible than ever. It's almost cathartic having this static thing to return to between fluctuating stuff, but I also wanna just knock things out instead of watching ideas pop up and then wither out before finishing them.

I keep drafting these small distraction projects away from work that feel no more than a week away from being finished, and I feel super jazzed about each one but it winds up being overload. It's just frustrating more than anything, cause that feeling ends up overwhelming you and things slow to a crawl, but you can't quite turn the switch off and stop ideas from flowing through either. I know this is like the furthest thing from a unique problem im hitting and thousands have it, I just feel like typing it out sort of relieves the irritation of it.

Today was also a bummer; I've had this non-art project i've been cranking out that I hit a wall on, apparently concrete is extremely hard to drill through and you need super premium tools to get through it, I have one more thing to try but I might just have to drop another 50 and start this all from scratch, it's really not worth the money or energy to push forward with tools on this one. This project epitomizes my feelings about things getting delayed and being distracted, I've had this on my agenda since around May and it's just now moving along at a snail's pace, but hopefully it works out sooner than later, if this works it'll be the best thing I've done and bigger plans can proceed. I really wanna trim things down after this, just one job, and one or two side projects at a time that stay manageable and get out.

Anyway this shit is all entirely unrelated to the art-piece lolol, should've made a journal post but oh well, It's pretty liberating being able to type this much in a non-direct manner

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A very decent piece of art, cool!

one of my life changing thing was this series 떳다 그녀. you did wonderful job. my heart rate went straight up by seeing this

To drill through concrete you need either an impact drill or diamond bits, which are cheep on ebay or 5 buckaroos at harbor freight. It's better to cast around a big hole in place, but you can still get cheep core bits which are huge online. Use water to keep the dust down.
The curse of not finishing projects doesn't last forever, I started being realistic with what I can actually do and haven't failed a project in 3 years, it gets easier.
oh nice pic too

IvanAlmighty responds:

Turns out I had one lying around! I ordered some Masonry drill bits and I was able to make the hole, and thanks for the water tip, it really sped things up. Also it's true that adjusting with pace is really crucial for handling that, I'll move forward with that in mind, thanks!

That's a gorgeous render.. As for your other situation, you gotta stop beating yourself up over this stuff.. push away from that desk, and get out there and enjoy life dude.. it's not going anywhere.

IvanAlmighty responds:

Thanks man! Tru that, just gotta take it one day at a time

Seeing this brings back some real nostalgia. Great piece!

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4.75 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2019
10:02 PM EDT
3D Art
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2000 x 1125 px
1.9 MB

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