A Nervous Bow


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Just a lil' something i whipped up in sai. I really like it :P

If you want to better imagine her angle, say the camera is you, as you are looking down at this shy girl who is bowing to you in respect and has something to tell you.

Took, approximately 16 hours to complete.
Program was Sai
Wacom Bamboo Tablet was the Tool.


I agree the perspective and proportion is noticably off and the lighting is a bit over the top but over all its a really cute drawing better than I can do anyway XD

Needs some work,but it is very good! The glare from the sun is a little overwhelming and her body looks weird.

i see ALOT OF POTENTIAL..but its still not sadisfing enough to look at this
heres what i mean:

first the prespective view is all off..if you look at it, her prespective doesnt even match the prespective of the background
second the outline is waay to weak. it looks like one of those cartoons that doesnt even use outlines...you should atleast make it 65% strong like i do
the most shading on her looks very good..but on the hair i think you can do better then that
her skin shading is way to weak comparing to the clothes shading..it should be stronger/darker
the floor coloring is very good! but i cant say that to the wall..its looks very rushed
the window only doesnt match the ground lines.

but the most important thing is .the shading is all over the place.
you should pick one spot from the light is coming from and doing all the shading to opposite site of it, wich in this case is the window , where light is comming from. the skirt should be darker as loong facing away from the window wich is not the case here same goes to her shirt too

but in overall yeah its very decent but with more improvements here and there it would look muuch better

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I read the comment of the guy two bwelow me. He's right about the anatomy, but I don't really think it's the lighting effect that's the problem, it's that you don't have the shading to go with it. On her skin and hair you need the shading to be darker, for sure. And you've got to learn how to use hard and soft shadows appropriately. The hair especially would look much better if you used harder shadows. Also, the shadows you do have don't go with where the light is coming from. Look at her skirt, for example, It's like each of the pleats are lighted individually with the light pointing directly at them. With the the placement of the window, the area on her right should be almost completely shaded. Really, I think you should not use the blur tool so much. It's VERY useful, but not everything needs to be blurred. Though if you want to soften the edge of the shadows or something, that's fine, just use a really small brush. I can't really say what size to use, since I don't know what size the image is originally. Mine is usually like 20 point to soften the edges, but my pictures are at over 4000 x 2000 at the time.

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Study anatomy for a bit. Everything about this girl is so off proportion that it makes me wonder what kind of school this is. For your next picture try to take it easy on the filters. When you have a few things done by a computer next to things done by hand it sticks out and doesn't look good. I gave you two stars for the effort.

Inumisha responds:

i didn't use and filters because, believe it or not, its easy to create lighting effects with blur tool and by changing the opacity so you may wanna retract that portion, otherwise, i know i need to work on anatomy, and it doesn't matter what kind of school ^^ Besides, there are plenty of disproportionate anime characters that make it to shows and stuff. The point of anime isnt to be perfect with what you draw, but to love what you draw.

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3.93 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2012
9:45 AM EST
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1900 x 1700 px
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