Rupturing Darkness


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Self portrait with some extra bite.

Ok so I would normally never do this but the comments of what are off on this piece are bothering me. This is a photo referenced self portrait, everything in the piece is deliberate and in the photo it was taken from. The eyes do have eyeliner and the color is meant to stand out from the picture, the shadows are all actually there and the mouth actually forms that way because of lighting (it blends with the chin from the extreme lighting contrast) I am just bothered by people commenting on what they think are mistakes when they dont know how extreme lighting works.


The lips look a little weird where there going into the stubble

I would not accept a kiss on the neck from that person

Shadow on the right side made it look like you got lazy. Regardless, all the other details such as teeth and hair, right on. Enhance the pupil/iris. Great job.

I loved this piece! There are only a couple things that are throwing me off.

I think that the dark outline around the visible eye detracts from that "real" feel that this piece is trying to achieve. Unless it's an eyeliner effect, the blacks should be more of a brown, and blend in just a little better. I think that the thickness of the neck and how the shadow ends right at the chin is another bit that seems off, but that might just be me. It also seems like the shaded part of the face should be a bit more shallow due to the angle he's turned at.

That being said, there are a LOT of things that I like about this picture! I am in awe at the teeth, the lips, and that ear. The stubble is just realistic enough that I don't mind it, and the hair is great. It's hard to make shorter hair look right, but I think you pulled it off.

There were only a few things that detracted from the picture, but with a bit of practice and some minor tweaking, I think that this could turn into a truly spectacular work of art.

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Jun 26, 2012
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