Kalma Oleander Belladonna


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"Name: Kalma Oleander Belladonna

Race: Human

Place of Origin: Buena Fe, Los Ríos, Ecuador

Age: N/A

Physical Appearance:

Height; 5' 7''
Weight; 175 lbs
Eye Color; Grey-blue
Skin Color; Olive
Hair Color; Black
Body Type; Hourglass

Back Story: In the height of the Mayan empire South America was filled with other native tribes who didn't believe in the same gods as the Mayans. However they did have their own forms of sacrifices to their gods. Kalma (or origninally known as Rehtal) growing up knew once she turned 18 she was going to be the sacrifice for her village. Her father was one of the village elders, traditionally the youngest elder's first daughter was the sacrificial lamb. It was a great honor and privilege, it didn't bother her much, she was promised as a sacrifice she was going to a special wonderful after life where she was above the rest and alongside the gods. When the day came for the ritual, she was dressed and asked to go into the temple. There were trials set before her, trials that would challenge her strength. The trial was to test her and see if she was good enough to be picked. She was sent into the blackened temple to find her way through a maze of eternal darkness. Finally after hours and more frustrating hours Kalma made it to the center of the temple. Quickly she learned the whole sacrifice to the gods idea was all a trap. She was quickly captured and sent off to the nearest warring village. She was a sacrifice to them so they wouldn't attack Kalma's small village. Being imprisoned she endured harsh torture of many variety. Her hate grew and grew towards humanity as a whole, she became bitter and hated relentlessly. After long years of torture, she still wasn't broken. Her hatred kept her sane and she had something to work towards. Once fateful night after she had been tortured to near death a shadowy figure appeared from under the door. The smoke seeped under and a figure formed. She lifted her arms to pitifully defend herself, but she was too weak. Glaring at the man he started to speak to her. He explained that he was the god of hate and death, she was close to dying and he gave her the option of passing on and going to a limbo like state because she held so much negative emotions. After examining her heart he decided those emotions were so intensely perverse that he offered her immense power. She could die and be reborn a new person and give her powers that fed off of her hatred. She decided she would take revenge on all those whom wronged her. Close to death the god smiled and closed her eyes. Once she awoke she had no memory of her name or who she was, but she did remember what had all happened to her. Raging she escaped razed the whole village. From that day forward she Called herself Kalma which is the Finish Goddess of Death and decay. Over the centuries she has gained more knowledge of what she was; a necromancer. She decided over the years that society was rapidly changing before her. She studied art along with forms of magic so she could fit in, but also keep her gift sharp."

Needs work, and a lot of it... but I like the basic Idea of her.

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Dec 9, 2013
12:09 AM EST
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