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This is his OC sheet for the RP my husband and I currently in. This is also a chratcer he's planning on putting into books he's going to be writing soon. :3

"Name: Hyderm Vatril

Race: Ulthreenian

Physical Characteristics: Ulthreenians are noticeably taller and stronger than humans on average. They need 7.5 sleep hours in a 34 hour period, and need consume about twice protein and nutrients of a Human for reference. Hyderm himself is 7'10, weighs 350 pounds, and is about 3 times as strong as the typical human. Along with the size and strength difference Hyderm's eyes also are reflective similar to a cats, jade green in iris color; while his ears also extent past the back of his head staying close to his head and ending with a soft point.

Age: 90 years old (his race can live to be 780 years old, he is the equivalent to a 20 year old in human standards.)

Nationality: H.o.B.S. (Hegemony of Biological Sentience)

Nation Description: the H.o.B.S. was created over 400 millennium ago to protects its members from the growing threat of artificial lifeforms encroaching upon and superseding the biological inhabitants of their part of the Bethis Universe (the ruling faction within the H.o.B.S. are the Quelif: an ancient race of avian decedents that act as administrators and advisers to the lesser factions independent governments)

Duty: Expeditionary Archeologist; responsible for the mapping out of new stellar bodies and worlds for potential colonization or documentation of its native life and possible integration into the H.o.B.S (Hyderm holds the top rank of this position, and as such does not choose to be accompanied by a expeditionary fleet and goes alone instead)

Non-Suit Equipment: carries a subspace folded book bag containing the following items; stasis field projector for securing non-biological specimens for transport back for study, comprehensive archeological equipment for analyzing and uncovering objects of historical importance, data storage for recorded data on planetary conditions and Hyderm's own notes on whatever he deems worthy of archiving.

Augmented Reality Field: Surrounding his body at all times, it provides Hyderm with sensory data he cannot gather through normal means, it also houses his armor when not being used and phases it in through the subspace folded storage in his book bag. The field offers no protection from physical contact but does have light shielding to heat due to the material its comprised of. Automated phasing in of armor pieces by the field starts when it detects aggression by surrounding objects with high energy readings or exposure to radiation or heat is detected. Complete phasing in of armor pieces takes approximately 3 minutes (about the time it takes for him to run out of air if hes suffocating). Voluntary activation of armor phasing can be triggered at any time, and takes the same amount of time to complete.

Suit-Based Equipment: non weapons; mining laser mounted in left hand for analyzing mineral content of planets, magnetic/gravity boots for walking in zero-G, light thrusters on back of legs and back for maneuvering in zero-G and for short burst propulsion in normal gravity situations, full-spectrum vision enhancement for seeing in low light environments, a grappling hook mounted in right forearm for vertical ascension/descension.

Background: Hyderm was recruited from the Ulthreenian Race when he was 12 and trained in nearly every academic field to the highest degree before continuing on, military training in between classes was mandatory and by the age of 40 he was classified fit for duty as in an expeditionary fleet. He climbed the ranks to the position he has today in 50 years and now posses the military sway and academic respect of every member race in the H.o.B.S. and is responsible for the expeditionary fleets in their exploration of the known universe as the Executive Senior Expeditionary Archeologist.

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