madness combat 9


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This needs more work...

Dude, you really need to change ur genre. how many madness sketches do you have???

Anyways, this isn't quite as good as Jesbus Watching over hank, although the style is pretty much the same.

u really have a talent at drawing, i gotta give u that, but its a shame that a picture like this doesn't have colour. That would make it almost perfect. As coop83 said, its way too light and airy for something based on madness combat, whihc is dark and evil.

Overall, its not a bad concept but u need to work on it more and bring it to its full potential.

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Straighten up please

It's not a bad piece, even coaxing me to say as much as it is good, for a pencil based sketch based on Madness. I think that you could do with launching your own style, rather than just borrowing from this genre, as while the look is good, it's not your own style. Broadening your horizons will always be a good thing.

Again, we see the lack of colours causing issues here, as the piece is too light and airy for Madness, which is dark, violent and corrupt. Adding even a basic colur scheme here would make the piece so much better, giving a brilliant way of conveying not only the moods in the piece, but the feeling that something bad is about to happen to anyone stupid enough to stand in Hank's way.

When scanning your pieces, take more time to get it lined up on the scanner bed - it's not too well aligned on the left side of the screen. If you're drawing a comic book style frame, do that first, using a ruler, then when you put things in like the step, use perspective to get a better view. These little things make all the difference.

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Nice sketch again

The characters are again presented with a pretty good amount of details, especially the one on the right side looks very good.

Too bad you seem to never take the time to colour your pictures. I think this would make them even better if coloured right.

Also, backgrounds would also help your pictures. They would add even more details and give the users something more to look at.

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7 again -_-

Man, are all of your sketches about Madness? Lol. Anyway, just like all the others, this is a great sketch, and you do truly have a talent when it comes to drawing.

The detail on the characters over here is very nice, especially on that of the henchman. On Hank, it was a little hard to make out, though. Also, this does need a background of some sort, since it looks pretty plain right now. Oh, and the text is a little hard to read.

I said it before, and I'll say it again :P. This needs colour. As it is right now, it's quite hard to make out what's happening, especially with Hank, but with colour, I'm sure it'd be much better. As usual though, shading was flawless.

To conclude, it's another really great sketch, but IMO, the only problems over here are no colour and no background. Other than that, keep up the great work!

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I know I must really sound like a broken record when I review your stuff, but it's simply because the same thing could really help your pictures become better. The introduction of a background with some detail. Like in this picture it could be something as simple as a desk in the background, door way on the one side, etc...

I do like how you almost set this one up like a comic book strip. Is that something that you have ever thought of before? It might be cool to make some sort of Madness Comic or something.

I also think it would be kind of cool if you tried to introduce some color into these with color pencils. With the ones that you shade it wouldn't be a good idea to add to much color such as the Jesus one that I just reviewed not too long ago, but with this one I think it would be a good idea.

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Jun 17, 2009
8:19 PM EDT
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