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Jesbus MC8


Jesbus from the begining of madness combat 8.

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Well, not bad i suppose...

Its not up to the standards of what i've seen before, but its not bad.

The fact that u included shading in this is a definite imrpovement and helps u on ur way to adding colours.

U put in quite some work on this and it shows, the detail u portrayed was quite good even if it was only a sketch.

What it also needs besides colour is a background which would help to add depth to the picture.

Like i siad before, u have some talent in art and u really should continue to develop it. If u do that, u'll be in the art portal in no time. Not a bad job, keep it up.

-Review Request Club-

Lacking detail

I'm not really impressed with this piece - it's not up to your usual standards. You've done some decent work with the shading, which is a great way to go, but now you need to learn control of the pressure of your pencil over the paper. The face, in particular has different grades of shade, that look like you've been paining as if using a graphics tablet, while actually using a piece of paper and a pencil. Good work on the beard though, it almost looks like individual hairs.

There are great swathes of white that could have used detail - the gun for example, it needs some detail on the magazine, as they are usually machined to have grooves down them. A lot of the drawing has been brough backwards by the lack of background once more and the lack of colour certainly doesn't help at all.

[Review Request Club]


The face looks very good. A lot of details are presented here. Too bad the rest of the picture can't compete with the face.

The gun for example looks very bland, which lets the picture down. Some more lines on the cylinder would already make this so much better. I suggest you take a look at various revolvers to see what I mean.

Also, a very large part of the canvas is plain white, which never looks too good. Some background (maybe some hills or some trees) would get rid of this problem.

{ Review Request Club }


This looks really cool, and even without colour it looks nice.

I really like the face over here. It looks so well done, with a lot of detail, and the beard looks really cool too. As Fro said, though, the ring on his head was a little roughly drawn, and the gun needs some more texture and detail to it, even though it looks really cool right now. I wish this had a cool background too :\.

I won't complain about this needing any colour, since it looks really awesome without anyway. The shading here is perfect as well, especially on the face, but on the gun it needs a little work.

In all, great job, when it comes to madness sketches, you're the best at it that I know. Actually, the best at any sketches from the Art Portal. Keep it up ;).

-Review Request Club-

~ Review Request Club ~

A quick question before I really get into the review of the submission. What's that in the bottom left and right hand corners on the bottom of the picture? It seems like you cropped the picture right where something was done. Perhaps you should have cropped above it if you wanted to leave that part out or something.

The first thing that sticks out negatively to me is that you did continue his body all the way through the picture. He's just kind of cut off there in the middle and I think you should have kept going. Also, the hand on the magnum is a little off since the end of the hand should be lined up right on the end of the magnum.

I also think that the gun should have been a bit more detailed. Jesus himself is pretty well detailed and the gun being plain kind of takes away from the picture a little bit. The ring above his head could have been done a bit neater as it wasn't exactly what I would call circular. :P

The best part of the picture has to be his face though. It is very detailed and almost scary looking. The eyes give it a very nice scary touch making me think of him here as a cold blooded killer of some sort.

~ Review Request Club ~

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4.21 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2009
8:30 PM EDT
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1512 x 1098 px
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