The Revenge of El Dorobo

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The Revenge of El Dorobo

Author Comments

I started this with the intention of acting on some advice I got from on my last upload. Long story short, it was "contrast your focal point with the background, and consider light sources, ya fuckin dope!"

So I invented this big, golden bronze robot in a futuristic cyber mega-town, and gave him nothin but hard shadows, then made everything in the background blend gradually all over the place by comparison. Wrangling all the colours to be on-message was hard, and I had to fight my natural urge to make all bushes as green as possible.
The light sources are top-top-right, where I guess the synthetic robo-moon would be, and some purple coming from top-right-right where the bulk of the city is.

I didn't go in with this intention, but Lady is illuminated some from the bottom-left, from light that's reflecting off her golden robot, which helps outline her sihlouette more. The bottom half of HIM that's in shadow is ambiently lit in blue, from the light that's bouncing up off the floor he's standing on. That makes sense, right? I kinda just threw it in. It sounds like it makes sense in my head.
The stars are more dense on the left because the atmosphere in the city is too thick with smog, and too lit up by streets lights n such to see as many on the right. That's a real-life thing that I decided to put in for some reason. Also there are trees on the left, and they're walking to the right, so it's like... visual storytelling...

This isn't connected to anything I'm working on, it's just a big Aztec temple-zord and a tanned, athletic-build grudge stomping into technatropolis.

He originally had the Mayan calendar for a face, but it was too much bumpiness scrunched into one place and he looked more autonomous without it.


Love the style for this one! Love the magic.

NIce Style!

The background is beautiful! Nice atmospheric perspective.
Wild colors and the reflected light is cool. Well done!

I think you did an excellent job. The engravings on the 'bot give it some real depth that I don't think you would've gotten without them (or at least, not as effectively).

The entire scene seems exciting but not overwhelming, and the dynamic poses are great. I really enjoy the warrior on the hand, I think she's done fantastically with the underlighting.

You went out of your comfort box and it turned out great.

I-smel responds:

Just when you think a comfort zone sounds small, you find out you've been living in a comfort BOX!

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Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2012 | 10:33 PM EDT
File Info
750 x 550 px
391.8 kb

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