Tali'zorah nar Rayya


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Some friends and I were talking about what Tali might look like under her mask, who doesn't talk about that? Anyway, this was my idea? I know that they mention a few times that they have similarities to Turians, so I took that into consideration during the design. From mass effect one we could see that she has large eyes, as well as a noticeable human-like nose. I tried to include both of those features in the face, I took some major liberties with the suit, I'm not entirely in love with some parts of the suit from the game so I modified those parts, while still trying to retain the Quarian's look. Also they have the same number of digits as the turians, inverted legs and walk on the balls of the feet. I hope they show that they both have a common ancestor.


A very cool concept and not far off what I would have done myself if I ever attempted to do Tali unmasked. Over all a brilliant piece of work, great style and I love that background.

Fantastic stuff!


According to concept art, the books, etc., quarians have VERY similar faces to humans, with the exception of the ears. Their chirality and numbers of digits are the only canon similarities with turians. They couldn't have a common ancestor anyway, as they originated on two separate worlds, Palaven and Rannoch.

Interesting idea though, and nice art.

I've never played Mass Effect...

...so i can't comment on the character itself, but i like both the pose and angle you've drawn this alien chicka at. My only critique would be that maybe her left shoulder looks a little high, it's making her left upper arm look really long right now. But that could be just me.
Cool palette as well by the way, and i love the use of white over purple to define the pattern on her clothes.


i love tali this is cool as keep it up

Interesting interpretation.

First and foremost, quality art submission, this. Accurate color representation and anatomy to boot!

More related to your description. The similarity that Quarians share with Turians is that they are each dexto-protein based species. To me, her face appears a little TOO Turian. But, hey! Until BioWare unveils the Quarians to us; on that level, we're all free to speculate.

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