Kim Serana character Ref

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Kim Serana character Ref

Author Comments

Finally have a proper ref for Kim! feel free to use it if you'd like! Next one is Ashter Balker. There will be more coming up for Caroline's story!

Feel free to read her bio if you haven't already!

Kim Serana
Arcane mage
Age 36
A sinister warlord who ravages the land of Bravata. She is known by many of the kingdoms to be cruel and relentless in her expansion to take over the land. She commands a large army of bandits and those she's convinced to fight for her by fear. Kim like Caroline is an Altarkin; part of savage and powerful race distinguished by their red and blue eyes Kim is quite sadistic and enjoys being in power over her prey. She is also an exception to the savage nature that plagues her race, however she prefers to embrace what she is. To put it simply, she's evil and she loves it. She fully aware of what she's doing. She tends to carry a psychotic smile and confident that she's in control. She's a mage like Caroline, however she prefers using her scythe among other miscellaneous blades. Pretty much anything sharp and serrated would do for her. She prefers to play with her victims(or toys as she demandingly refers to) before dispatching them brutally and painfully. She enjoys seeing the look of fear pain in her victim's eyes as she slowly watches the life drain from their eyes. Despite her preference for bladed weaponry, Kim extensively studies magic and specializes in the arcane art. Her thirst for power has lead her many expansions allowing her to acquire strange and forbidden ancient artifacts. She experiments with whoever and whatever she finds in order to perfect her spells. Kim has a tendency to kill any magic user she encounter. To many, it is considered a genocide. To her, however considers it a sport in order to find one who can equal her power. Noone exactly knows where she came from. She began by attacking small villages and peasants before eventually attacking soldiers. Eventually, Her forces gain control of the kingdom of Alsarc(former home of the shadows) and enslaved much of the population who couldn't flee, forcing them to help further build her growing army.
She first encounters Caroline in the Laghol tavern(a slum portside) while pursuing a knight named Ralen. She tries to interrogate the locals in the tavern to no avail including Caroline herself. Once she realizes Caroline is a magic user, Kim quickly dispatches her with her scythe along with the rest of the people in the Taven leaving her to die. Kim has her minion set the tavern ablaze as she leaves to continue her search for the knight. Little did she know that Ralen was in her midst as he barely rescues a blood-soaked Caroline clinging on to dear life.

Kim Serana (c) HowSplendid


With all of this in-universe stuff you have, what do you pla on doing with it? A webcomic maybe?

HowSplendid responds:

yeah hopefully next year if everything gets done in time,

Mean one that's for sure...Cute crazy smile...Crazy chick. I'd run like hell from that... Good work.

HowSplendid responds:

indeed. she's nuts! : D

thanks a lot!

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