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Under the pseudonym 'Void-Strider', this professional Assassin became one of the best in the galaxy. Until now his records are flawless, showing not a single mission that failed, except One. And everyone who knew exact details about this Contract, deceased within a week, everyone being on a whole different spot in the galaxy and its Systems.

Original name and origin of the Void-Strider has been wiped out, yet the race has been fixed on the K'usarth, an Alienrace so humanoid they could easily been mixed up, except for the eyes, which are colored in a dark grey and the pupils in a shining yellow-amber. Next to that there is only one other difference between Humans and K'usarths and that is their joints and ligaments which are able to recieve heavy blows and motions without hurting, nor being dislocated or damaged.
By that, Void-Strider is able to fire the Anti-Material Rifle 'Scythe' Haramesh, designed for races with hard exo-skeletons or extreme hard-muscle toned bodies,
making the Void-Strider a fearsome enemy from the distance and extreme longrange.
The only most likely true Informations on him are his Military Background. Trained in the Galactical Marine Choir, lateron hired by the Spec-Ops, he recieved all that is knowable about weapons, explosives and the act of killing.
Later he was seeking for a secret Order of Assassins, calling themselves 'the Brotherhood of Kyras'. If he ever found them remains unknown, yet his record and skills would silence any doubting voice.

His arsenal of weapons include trip-wire and proximity mines, along with two Twin-Pistols; Katharn-Fabrications, laser-based and a couple of hidden Knifes and throwing weapons beneath his layers of cloth.
Inside his vambraces are each a plasma-based Energy-Wristblades.
Strapped onto his back he holds one of many trophies of his missions; one of the 5 heavinly Swords, enherited by the Kings of the Andour Worlds in the mild-climated Oriantis-Subsystem; taken from the dead hands of his target, killed in cold blood in a up-close personal fight.

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Oct 12, 2012
12:28 PM EDT
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757 x 788 px
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