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Well...All I have to say is that vote FAIRLY. The focus is on HER, not the background. I couldn't give two shits about what the background looked like. Please, only critique the character. I am studying more on backgrounds, water effects, clouds, etc, so one day in the near future I can do a redux on this piece. Hopefully, next time, she'll be airborne, hooded and equipped with her sword next time. This character is not mine. This is actually a Kiriban prize for a DeviantART friend. I have the original on my DA page, so give that a look as well. Remember, only judge the character for this one. That's my focus for this piece.


I dont' know why so many people are voting it down...
People are getting really picky about art these days, criticizing fucking everything!
Everyone has to start somewhere and nobody can reach the level of "Perfect" but everyone is trying to get there. In the meantime, try to enjoy some work that people spend a lot of time doing.

Keep at it DragonPunch! Don't let them keep you down, they're just being immature. Your stuff is looking pretty good in my opinion and there's not reason to vote this 0-1 stars.
I voted 4 instead of 5 because there are a few adjustments that could have been done.
For example, never use black to color with, but rather a really dark shade of gray. Only use black for the lines that define the shape of the character.
Because it's hard to see any detail on the wings and the outlines should pop.

Her legs look odd as well as the pose itself. Also, the light on her right leg does not belong under her left one. By the way, her wings face directly the viewer, which is a bit odd, since we are supposed to see her sitting here in a 3/4 view, right?

Take this as help.

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DragonPunch responds:

Yeah, I get what you're saying, though this is an old piece...I do not intend on trying this pose again until WAY later.

Well gee I'm sure the person enjoyed the kiriban

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Well at least your trying different poses. Your lighting is all over the place, which might be excusable if she was surrounded by Lava... maybe. But you already clarified that was blood. So lighting is very poor. Anatomy is starting to get the tiniest bit better but not by enough. Her feet are too tiny. Her belly button is off. That pose while a good try, looks stiff and painful and awfully contorted. Her shoulder looks dislocated. The hand looks a smidge weird. Her neck is too long. The expression is dull and boring, much like the background. The wings look nice, but I honestly thought they were apart of the "throne" till I realized you were going for a fallen angel type deal. I think you have the potential to do much much better, but you insist on holding yourself back.

DragonPunch responds:

Thanks for your feedback, and while you do make good points, I assure you, I already have those things covered.

It seems like Kinsei01 had a very bad day there.

(Keep in mind I am not a pro, I just like drawing myself and I find small flaws here and there)

Work a little bit on the figure of the face, and the joints, these are actually the parts that really grab the eye.

Just my personal opinion, good luck!

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Aug 24, 2012
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