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Calypso of Darkness


This is my latest creation, Calypso. Don't even get on my butt about, "hey, this isn't Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean", I get it. This is my version. To be honest, she looks more like Barbaccia from Final Fantasy IV, only with a skimpier outfit, and a lot more different features. Getting the rainbow effect on her finger was a bitch to figure out, so you know. This took me about 6-8 hours. Anyways, enjoy!

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"So, keep providing me with more entertainment, why don't you?"


Your art is terrible, in fact, my single one sketch that I submitted is just about a million times better than all the artwork you have posted here altogether. Go die in a hole, won't ya?

You suck.

DragonPunch responds:

Wow...I laughed so hard...Your pitiful attempts at being a troll are dull and you lack edge.

Not a douchebag like some of the others.

Don't let the haters get to you. It's your style, and you do what you want with it.
Love the pick.

\/ Uhh... fuck Nantes? \/

Ok, her right leg is a little off but other than that the proportions are OK. I think why people really hate this is the lack of uber amounts of shading; and nippies that too...
Nantes really needs to chill out, this is the internet after all.

DragonPunch responds:

At least you're not a douche. Thanks. BTW, I learn best MY WAY.

for someone who has seen 'plenty of naked women'..

... and 'studied anatomy', you really fucked up on this one. relevant to your beliefs of how a female looks, if put in practice, and this was an actual person, she wouldn't be able to walk up straight. the torso is way to thin and slender, the legs are too long and the head is gruesomly disproportioned. same goes for your interpretation of the "boobies". next to that the perspective looks awfully off. you could say to me to fuck off and die in a hole. but living in a family from which the majority does art, and me, a person who is attending an art school, i can see the technical flaws of it all.

yes i do not draw antomically correct, i accept huge flaws in anatomy for my interest in what the perspective of art is. and i'm more fond of drawing silly doodley characters, and the funner, easier things that my doodles represent. the modern esthetic of grafitti also influences that.

considering you could break me down on every little thing in my drawings. the problem with you is you actually think this is technically correct. that the anatomy is flawless. i would say you looked at some random anime for this. but let me tell you one thing. anime and manga anatomy is far from related to the anatomy of an actual person.

so the verdict? 0 out of 10, because if this is awful. putrid color schemes, horrid anatomy and your bloated sense of self righteousness isn't going to save you. Sure, people will love this, but only a small target audience will appreciate this. 6 to 8 hours to complete something of this caliber is very unrealistic, considering i could draw something this awful on a very old computer, with a mouse, in maybe less than a half an hour.

i would recommend you the book "Essential Fashion Illustration" by Maite Lafuente or " Step-by-Step Studio: Drawing Concepts: A complete guide to essential drawing techniques and fundamentals" by diane dardaci. These are people who have been drawing their entire lives, people who know the essentials, the fundamentals, the tools and the patience to make something beautiful. i'd say throw out all your manga drawing guide books and anime DVD's, grow up, and start concentrating on realistic things. start by going outside and drawing your area, draw the people, draw the houses. it takes patience. it's not about how long you work, because i know people who can make insane portrets in less than minutes. so stop being so self absorbed and try it.

that's about it, i have given you all the advice i can possibly give. so yeah

T;dr; your art sucks, get practicing, or die like a failure...

-Love, nantes.

DragonPunch responds:

I'll only use references...Sorry, I learn best MY WAY.


This is horrifying.

Credits & Info

2.05 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2010
10:04 PM EDT
File Info
650 x 950 px
267.8 KB

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