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PSA - Snake People

Author Comments

Please, spread the word. Do not let some sexy snake-lady take away the name of a mythological monster that killed children. She deserves better.


*Points at a panda* This is not a panda! It's a fucking dragon! Stop calling it a panda! Pandas are green, and look like lions! This black and white bear-dragon bagon is clearly a dragon!

henlp responds:

That's a retarded analogy to compare.

Well, actually it's the same thing as with Medusa. It was name of one of 3 Gorgon sisters, but with evolution of games and Fantasy it started to be used as separate species as well. In Heroes of Might & Magic III Medusa and Gorgon were even made as 2 different species. It was one of most terrible mistakes back then. But now it's all just artist's interpretation and creativity, if I can say so. For me it's fine as long as something is not totally mistaken with totally different thing.

Wait a sec, aren't Nagas just large snakes with humanoid features?

henlp responds:

They're rain deities, which vary a LOT. The most common interpretation in Hindu culture, however, is that of a lower-half snake, upper-half human (both male and female).

She is clearly a Lamia, Nagas have a myriad of other properties apart from being part snake, talk about spreading misinformation.

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henlp responds:

Except "Lamias" don't exist. It was ONE creature. And, the original descriptions and interpretations of the Lamia were that of a quadruped with snake SKIN, not a snake lower-half, with a bust of a woman, claws in her front legs/hands, bull tail and bull hooves in her hind-legs.

It's the current dragon schtik: people calling wyverns dragons, because it's easier to animate and illustrate only four limbs.

why are you mad? its just an anime show

henlp responds:

I'm not mad, it's a joke rant. xD
I'm just taking advantage of what I see as becoming a vehicle for bringing "Lamias" to the mainstream audience, and overblowing a silly niggle I have with how most people interpret Lamia. Missed my chance to do it when Skyrim and co. started making wyverns and calling them dragons, so this is the next (well, the only) best thing.

Also, haven't even watched this one. But due to being a Dooger reccomendation, and a lot of slice-of-life fans saying it's good, I'm reconsidering watching it.

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Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2015 | 9:27 AM EDT
File Info
584 x 1652 px
592.2 kb

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