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The bloodstain among the Twenty Primal Demons. The name given that mocks its actions, Proditor would also be known as the Bloodhound, the Forked-Tongued Wolf.

Powers: Proditor was a peculiar composite of a creature: its main matter was of a black crude, that would drip and form its mane and tail, and from it and over it, members and a head of ever-flowing, blood-like substance, as well as "veins" that formed around the crude fur of the creature. It was in this blood, that Proditor would draw its power from, as the Demon required it to maintain itself alive, as well as a consistent form. It could also heat its blood parts to magmatic levels, as hot as any Sunguard, and could stretch those blood-red areas, depending on the amount that was flowing through the creature. Another peculiar feature of the Traitor was that pitch-black bat wings would protrude from its mane, though it is uncertain why.

Defeath and Aftermath: It was in its need to maintain itself that Proditor earned its name, for as soon as the Lawless disappeared, the Demon cared only for itself, and attacked the Masoquist, to drain it of the blood-like essense that it used, not only weakening it greatly, but also damning the Murderer (which had a symbiotic relation with its sibling). And indeed, due to this betrayal, Proditor was able to last longer than most of its siblings against the Sunguard, falling to them second-to-last only to the Corruptor. In order to defeat the Bloodhound, the Sunguard used what they could to overheat the creature's blood parts, leaving it unable to maintain contact without melting through any surface, and the moment it was unprepared, they pulled the blood-red essence from Proditor. As soon as it was nothing but black crude, the Demon began to dwindle fast, unable to maintain its form, dripping black all around it, and the Sunguard then took all of it, and formed a plate disk, of the blackest surface, unable to reflect any light. The tomb composed of Proditor's remains was then buried in the face of a wall, deep in the Pit.


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