Crazy lines

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Crazy lines

Author Comments

Zoom in for moar details.This started as some black lines with a white background.


Review Request Club

I can't decide whether I like the full-size picture more than I like the default zoom size of the picture or not. Because the full size is HUGE, I had to scroll every which way to see it because my tiny screen couldn't cope with the size, so it was hard to see it as a whole idea in full size...whereas with the smaller size, you could see the wide general concept, and the large areas of black were not nearly as noticeable. In the full size, you could see the different lines of colour more clearly, but in the smaller size they seem to just blend a little better together; as if the full-size picture shows you almost too much of it, with not enough definition and sharpness of image to full justify it.

That ramble aside, I do think it's an interesting idea. What you've done with the source picture has led you into this kind of quasi-dimensional art; the thinner lines do feel more in the foreground than the black spaces, and I think with a little more time you could have exaggerated this even more, if that's the direction you were going for. I'm very very torn between saying "Zoom in more, get more defined detail" and "zoom out more, let us see how this develops further out", because both ideas open the door to a lot of possible ways to extend this. But as it is, I think it's a very solid effort and definitely does what the titles suggests. Gives you a whole buncha artistically crazy lines. But maybe lessen the screen size next time on the full size? Just for the sake of your viewers with tiny monitors =P

-Review Request Club

HeavyTank responds:

I see your point, what you can do it zoom out when you're zoomed in (lol irony).
Thanks a lot for the time you took to write this, I'll take it into consideration :D


I liked the concept of the art, it was pretty cool, and I think it was a bit dark, huh?? It gave me a nice impression, the colors were pretty cool, and the lines, too...

The colors were very beautiful, the black lines going out of the main lines are pretty nice, I liked it so much, but I'm still wondering how you made this?? A photo or just a random thing in a computer program??

I liked the art, it has an interesting concept, you made me think a lot to write this review, but it was very fun to see a nice thing like this one... Keep it up, man!!

(Review Request Club)

HeavyTank responds:

Made with paintshop man, and thanks for the review!

Corroded snowflakes

Hmm, a very different concept, I'll give you that. What I think you need to do is zoom out, for more impact. Don't go too far, just leave us with the oily, crystalline style structure that you're on at present and you will have a totally awesome piece.

Perhaps it is symbolic of the damage that we are doing to the earth, with oil and pollution? Maybe a tribute to the darker areas of humanity, but still something very worrying and almost upsetting.

[Review Request Club]

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HeavyTank responds:

Haha, I never thought of it as a corroded snowflake, but then again, I never said it wasn't ;)
I really like how everyone interprets a picture in a different way because that was my initial intention, and it's working pretty well :P
Thanks for the review.


Hell yeah. This is really awesome. best abstract art IVE EVER SEEN :DDD


It's a bit too big for my monitor, heh. But the full effect only shows if you look at this picture in full size.

The title "crazy lines" is very fitting for this picture and I like the effect the lines create. The picture almost has a 3D effect when viewed in full size, as if those lines would represent some mountains or something.

Maybe there's a bit too much black on this picture, large chunks are just left blank here. But on the other hand, if you would add more to the picture you could very easily destroy the nice geometrical lines you have right now on the canvas.

Those geometrical shapes created by the straight "base lines" are another thing I like about the picture. And I think they fit to the title as well. Straight lines aren't exactly crazy, but when viewed in full size you can actually see that those lines that appear to be straight consists many other lines, that are every thing else, but they aren't straight...
Wow, I hope this last paragraph made at least some sense... ^^

{ Review Request Club }

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HeavyTank responds:

Heh, thanks a lot for the nice review, yeah, I wanted to give a 3d-ish effect, and I only succeeded partially..

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Credits & Info

5.00 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2010 | 12:56 PM EDT
File Info
2108 x 1726 px
1 mb

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