the dragon MINI


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this is just a small version of a larger picture. for copyright reasons.



everything is fine

my only thing to being a bitch about is the nice, but the rest, u should be damn proud of urself ^^ sarangmida..or something

Lens flares are horrible shitifiers

This might be a good drawing, but it's way too small, and there's a giant, ugly, stupid lens flare and Photoshop lighting effect thrown on top. The lens flare is an effect notoriously associated with amateur Photoshop users, and it always looks bad, especially to anyone with a deep knowledge of the program. Lighting effects CAN be used well, but again, they are usually a tell tale sign of somebody who's new to Photoshop and just discovered it in the Filters menu. There's also a clouds effect in the background, and a ripple effect for the water; again, really tacky. You don't need all this crap, let your work speak for itself. It looks like there might be some cool stuff going on with that green flame, but again, it's too small to really make out anything in the drawing. It's impossible to judge the drawing at such a small size and with so many tacky Photoshop effects covering it up.

I wouldn't worry about copyright issues for a couple of reasons, one being that you already made explicit copyright agreements when you uploaded it; another, that you can bump up the size a lot higher than this and still make it unable to print at any decent quality; but most of all, I doubt anybody is dying to steal this for a magazine layout or anything, considering the quality of the work.

Overall, I'd say it looks really amateur, and I wouldn't classify it as Fine Art.

Please, this goes out to anybody reading this who is thinking of submitting artwork, PLEASE familiarize yourself with the definition of FINE ART.

And please don't use lens flares. Thanks :3

GuyzwithBongz responds:

First off, Jack ass, instead of assuming you know what went into this piece, you should consult with the artist. Not only is this piece already being used commercially, but It wasn't photoshoped at all. This piece was done one pixel at a time, It took 3 months to do.... NO PHOTOSHOP! At ALL. Its a piece from my graphic novel, which was ALL DONE, BY HAND. It makes me happy that you would mistake it as such, which tells me I did a good job. I read the upload agreements, thats why I didn't upload it at CC. Your just some go no where internet jerk, that spends time criticizing peoples work from your mothers basement, instead of putting out anything worth braggin about. I've made a few thousand from this piece alone. ..... How much have you made from any of your work? Your not only jerk, your big mouthed jackass, who doesn't know what their talkin about. Your feedback was not only not helpful, and not constructive, but it was flat out annoying and pointless...... Oh yeah, and I also get laid regularly, can you HONESTLY say the same? go play hide and go @%#@ yourself. Thanks :3

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Jun 18, 2009
10:50 PM EDT
Fine Art
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