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Feb 12, 2017 | 11:12 AM EST
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Author Comments

An idea I had to help show some development for the Shard x Nicole romance. This one to show just how far Nicole would go for Shard, while still unsure exactly what her feelings for him are. Also using some of my own FCs for this little tale.

Taking place roughly a week after the events of Sonic Universe #50. Shard's battle with Metal Sonic had left him near dead. His core was barely holding together and it was uncertain whether or not he would survive. Uncle Chuck had done everything he could to save the brave robot. Even he could not ignore how Shard put his life on the line for Antione. Ultimately, there was nothing Chuck could do. He quickly realized that Shard's Power Gem core would shatter if an attempt to remove it was made, but Chuck also could not do anything to repair it while it was installed in Shard's chest.

Desperate to save her friend, Nicole took a chance on asking a pair of newcomers, Blade Steelhog and his AI partner Crystara for help. Blade had been traveling through Outer Space for the past decade before coming to New Mobotropolis and Nicole was hoping that some of the alien tech Blade had available to him might be able to save Shard. So Nicole secretly brought Shard to Blade's home, explained Shard's story to the galactic travelers and without the slightest hesitation, begged them to save his life.

Blade was deeply moved, not only by Nicole's pleas for help, but by how Shard was able to break free of Eggman's rule and seek redemption for himself. With only a look toward each other, Blade and Crystara agreed that they should honor Nicole's request. They owed her much for her kindness toward them, and more importantly a life was at stake. As the two looked over Shard's damages they recognized his Power Gem as an AI core very similar to Crystara's. Crystara was confident that she'd be able to repair it, but also knew it would be tricky. Fortunately she had everything she needed to begin repairs aboard Blade's ship, the Blackjack, but they needed to get Shard there immediately.

So Blade pulled out the Warp Ring the Counsel had given him and opened a portal to his ship. He then looked to Nicole and said with a smile, "Don't worry, Crystara is great with repairs. She'll get your boyfriend back online in no time."

Overjoyed, Nicole jumped to Blade and gratefully hugged the white hedgehog. But then pulled back as she realized exactly what he had said, her face glowing red as she blushed uncontrollably. "Thank you, but he's not my....."

"Oh, haven't gotten that far yet eh?" Blade interrupted her as he picked Shard up. "Then We'll have to make sure you get the chance to." he said as he walked through the ring and disappeared, leaving Nicole with much to ponder.

"Is this what being in love feels like?" she thought to herself, realizing for the first time that if she had a heart right now, it would be beating faster than Sonic could run. "Come back to me soon Shard, I really want to know." she said as she vanished.