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Personally, I think this documentary excitement thats been going on lately to be quite a load of bolocks. Dead meme lads... stop dragging the arse out of it. There’s no point stressing over being “on the fence” or thinking about what every other goofball thinks whether their right or wrong.

Only thing that actually really bothers me about this whole fuckin shiteumentary jargon is getting others pressured into thinking “Oh shit, what will people think of me if I so much as THINK or DO the wrong thing!”. Ridiculous! Don’t let the masses make you think you are incorrect and unintelligent just because THEY think their right or should I reiterate to ‘on the fence about matters’....Seriously hate hearing that line now. ‘Critical thinking’ is a dying thing and its sad to see honestly. If you’re going to be pushed into a corner just because you dont walk and talk like everyone else.... then embrace that corner and carry on!

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Good painting of Michael Jackson, I (fucking lmao) would prefer to see a portrait of still-black-mj. I don't wanna be the dick who yells rotoscoped but I can say composition is nice and makes me wonder if you used any reference or traced any parts to make his form, which I don't disagree with at all, is a good tool/device/function to use to keep the art tight, and figuring how the pic is more about the color blend and image, rather than showing off exact anatomy bla bla etc. if you roto'd this it was a good move and totally allowed (in my eyes)

regarding the rant there is a certain overarching truth to the theme but at the same time the REASON we CARE what other people think is because thoughts become our lives and actions and we WANT to be in accordance with as close as the wants of everyone around us because SUBJECTIVITY means that EMPATHY and creating UNITY is our main purpose for a harmonious society... that being said, if you don't believe that, then your harmonious truth is to go against that, or possibly just disagree with it to a certain extent, and if I disagree with that view, but my view holds empathy for harmony, then to a certain degree I have to respect your non-respect... paradox a bit right? anyways, I think it's good to post a rant, but context matters, and if you want to be seen as someone who cares about your idea (but like I said maybe you dont care that much) you could make sure you dont use to instead of too or their instead of they're but at the same time, if english is your second language I am a dick for saying this a little bit (but I didnt know) and youre also super good at english for it being a 2nd, (and I have infamously been a HORRIBLE typer as well as person who gives a fuck, at times and maybe sometimes still without knowing it, and I didnt punctuate didnt there, or theyre there)

I think it's interesting to have a rant connected to your art because it creates a forum for meaning even though my review should probably be more about the artwork, like how I think all of the colors are nicely vibrant and it all looks good together, but the frame almost looking like a photo supports my slight thoughts that this could have origins as a roto'd piece, or to some extent, which I still think is fine and good.

Personally on theory behind MJ, (since none of us will probably ever really have any clue what goes on) yes admitting to sleeping with kids in your bed in a (not so) charming and friendly way is probably pretty fuckin inappropriate, if you care about kids, and parents do that with their kids if the kids are scared, maybe that shows he cares?... or is plain odd and his kids name is blanket which makes you wonder.

on the flip side (not to give into conspiracies about cosby) If McCully Culken was right (shouldve looked that spelling up but didnt, w/e) and MJ was a good dude, and white supremacists decided to target MJ because he topped the charts over white legends and icons such as elvis and the beatles (seems realistic in this history time line) and they had parents send kids in basically as set ups, the those supremacists and kids' parents should get fucked and clean their act the fuck up.. but what if that DID happen but only because MJ truly was a diddler and they knew they had to stop it by any means?

Ultimately we can only wonder and respect what we did know, good music was created, the hype profit farming should definitely fucking end, MJ was beaten horribly as a child which I am pretty sure is verified so take that as you will with his lifes story,Im not great at typing either and probably make tons of writing mistakes and grammar mistakes but still think this post is appropriate to compare 'caring' about shit no one gives a fuck about while I am making just as many mistakes but maybe thinks things I can see give me insight that matters which may make me sound like a haughty dick? anyways, thepeaceful undertone to this rocks. because theres nothing worse than some fucking dick who just wants to fight over everything for no reason because theyre secretly a suicidal socio/psycho fucking dick... I mean, right?

Thanks for contributing art and sharing your perspective, I appreciate this and that's the main reason I made this long ass review and rated it high

grillhou5e responds:

OI oi boi, that’s quite a read for me! Thanks for it though because you gave me a chance to contextualise some points for anyone that reads this.

Regarding the artwork the only reason it would possibly look ‘rotoscoped’ is because the accuracy of the composition/form. That’s because every time I do any form of painting whether digital or traditional, I do a trace drawing of the form. A lot of artists do this and it’s by no means cheating, if anything it speeds up the whole process of producing work (which I know you already understand but for anyone that may find such a thing worrying, there’s the explanation!) If anyone wants to question my artistic capability then look at the work that I’ve done from many years ago up to now.
If it was a complete trace it wouldn’t be here! Otherwise what’s the point right? BUT if anything really I should take rotoscoped as a massive compliment!

I’ve always had issues relating to things such as ‘group mentality’ and everything that consists with it. It’s just a personal thing really. And its affected me very very badly at a young age. So I’m always very likely to speak about stuff like that.

Regarding the aspect to my 1st language which is English, it more or less comes down to me either not paying attention or being lazy both traits which attribute to me being up at all hours of the night and morning (I don’t know what time I’m in personally, I feel like I have bloody insomnia haha). I actually think my English is really garbage but thank you for the compliment on it anyways! (Guarantee you that their is a multitude of grammar and misspelling sins I’ve committed in this very reply haha)

To be honest when ever I open my yap.... like nearly every fuckin thing I say apparently always leads to an awkward silence or some one ‘calling me out’ about anything or everything they think they know about me (by the way I’m not saying you are doing anything of the sort). This is regardless if a have well polished and carefully worded rant, I’m not a well known artist so I don’t have to worry about things like that. But if I was... I absolutely wouldn’t post something like this haha! (I would just post the image and leave it at that, i mean the image and title does speak for itself) I’m all about professionalism but I don’t regard Newgrounds to be a professional site, you know... with all the boobs and dicks being the most popular thing on this site... but no offence to this site I do love it!

And Michael... is well dead kid! There’s nothing to worry about him really, as far as anyone is concerned the fella is at peace and that is it. But I just couldn’t bite my lip on saying that this ‘documentary fiasco’ is just so ridiculous! I personally have never took kindly to a group mentality, singling out others cuz’ they don’t ‘do what they do’... another ridiculous thing that fucks me off! But regardless it’s only just opinion and personal views something which is NOT valued at all in this day and age sadly. But you took the time to show your views on it and I appreciate it!

Thank you again for taking the time to write your thoughts, views, and compliments. I appreciate that! I do hope though that some parts aren’t aggressive or defensive and I really don’t mean to come across as such! Many moons ago I have been quite a snapper haha it comes down to bad habit and past experience.

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