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better seedot, any tips or criticism is greatly appreciated

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3/5 needs more penis

Greebs responds:


Hello! I noticed that you were one who enjoys/wanted critiques on your art. I believe with that frame of thought, only good can come. Saying so, there's a few things I have to say about this specific piece:

Your art in general is wonderful-- very stylistic and unique-- which is what an illustrator should strive for. However, when looking at this piece it is very static and dull. Looking up references for Seedot, I see it is replicated in nearly similar poses. If you were attempting to get the design down, then you did very well with that. A suggestion I would give is to attempt different angles (For example, a mouse point of view or drawing Seedot from a very low angle). Because you're so young, now is a perfect time for you to practice with perspective.

Another thing that I would like to point out are your color choices. Since Seedot itself is a already created character, it's hard to change its pre-decided color pallet. But there is one thing you can alter: the background. The main thing you want your audience to focus on is Seedot. But if you put something brown on a brown background, it gets washed out. I would suggest looking at complementary colors and using it to your advantage. If you don't know what complementary colors are, they are colors that are meant to bring out the hue of other colors. For example, if you place orange next to red, you won't fully perceive the red- it would get lost in the orange. BUT if you put green next to red, then that red will fully pop. Google has plenty of examples for complementary colors. Seedot seems to have a lot of yellow/orange tones to it, so I would suggest making the background a very pale blue.

Other than those few things, you seem to have a very sturdy basis on how to draw. If you continue with what your doing and try to experiment more, I'm sure you'll become a wonderful artist! You have so much potential it hurts. I hope this critique was helpful!

Greebs responds:

HELLO!! YES IT WAS VERY HELPFUL THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! thank you for the comments and all that, uhh. RIGHT, yes i was going for the stance that he has in his main picture, complementary colours are cool, i SHOULD learn them, i think they will make my are better, very good point thank you SO MUCH, SORRY I KEEP SAYING THANK YOU!! i never really know what to do for a background, but i just kinda do what this is in all my art,i will practice perspective- i need to work on anatomy too- BUT THATS NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW, anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH, and have a good day!

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Apr 22, 2015
6:04 PM EDT
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