A History of Aliens on Earth


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This shows the hypothetical history of Aliens landing and prospering on an Earth without Humans! A super strange idea, that birthed a super strange mural!

I figured the Alien race would first assess the land, discovering the many blessings and curses earth holds. Quickly they'd discover earth's many predators, and create community or society to combat these dangers. They'd say FUCK HORSES... and ride FUCKING BEARS! cuz why not? Soon they'd establish themselves, creating devices using science to shape the land to better suit their race. Eventually they'd end up excavating the entire earth, taking over as the superior race on the planet... much like we have.




Here's an awesome piece of work a lot to see here and so much detail love how the color purple is focused here some extra flashy effects like lighting and such would be a huge plus like back lit stuff but still an amazing piece you have here

Some lighting effects would be great here


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Oh hey, that's not really the type of butt I had in mind but... nicely done!! On a more serious note: really fascinating alien interpretation of our world. Scoping out their palace plots, sapping power from the trees (zap), taking control over all forms of flora and fauna... doesn't seem all that different from what we do! We just don't have as much actual 'control'. Going by their expressions, they do look a bit evil, though maybe I'm just reading alien smiles the wrong way?

Though all in all it looks awesome: there's a little blotch to the bottom left that doesn't really seem to fit in with the rest, and I do wonder how some form of background would've fit in with the gradient there - even if it was just atmospheric distortion, or something less material. The border with the first tree there doesn't feel as fluent as the rest - as if the lower left corner was left for last and rushed to get the picture finished. Also seems like the trees have surprisingly shadowy contours even on our world! Though feels like nitpicking to mention. Big picture's amazing. Do like the idea too. It's pretty alien.


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Nov 2, 2016
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