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Gi-go Armor Concept


Planning out some shiz for a web comic I'm putting together so I'd love some feedback.

What color and helmet scheme do you prefer?

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I like the helmets and the colors, but I'd like to see different pauldrons and maybe boots. Just kind of a sucker for that I guess, like a good rug pulls a room together.

Gi-go responds:

Yeah I'm not digging the boots so much either

Pauldrons... you learn something new every day

Hmm, I'm thinking that a silver variant of the full masked suit would look cool, but I think that taking it off in the comic would show his face for what he's known for, dig?

Gi-go responds:

I getcha :) I think that's what I'm going to do in the first few pages- have him with the full mask on, and take it off later.


I prefer the full mask for simple common sense reason's on a battle field, but the half/gas mask for more of the web comic reasons of being able to connect to the character face rather than just a helmet, while still keeping the sense of protecting the goods. Besides with a mask like that you can go wild and imagine some futuristic, Diabolical supper deisses that requires him to all ways have the antidote administered via the mask. Dude get this!! you could have him working for a corrupt government, (the same one that infected him) to get the constant dose's of the antidote!! O and have him in the full mask for the first part, then at a job he meets someone with a more permanent cure and then transition him over the the half/gas mask then in the end of it, like the BIG climax have him move over to the no mask concept and ultimately get as personal of a connection to the readers while still keeping the sense of protection/need for antidote through out! -WHEW!- had to get that out. feel free to use any of these ides :D, (if you do though just give me a heads up brotha :3 ) O and the green one is best. the blue makes him seam to much like a fairy and the white stands out to much.

Gi-go responds:

Cool idea. I want to have both of the masks used I think, it's just a kind of sectional thing. Like you have to have the half mask on before you can put on the helmet if that makes sense. Full mask would be like head on combat.

Thank you!

When I think about the 3rd armor I think about the alien and predator franchise. Since gi-go is wearing a mask and he's an alien or at least half an alien while the Predator is an extraterrestrial lifeform behind the mask. So yeah pretty much both Gi-go and the Predator are basically aliens and they are both wearing a mask is what i meant...

Gi-go responds:

Yeah I can see some similarities, thanks!

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4.25 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2012
6:48 PM EST
Pixel Art
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1290 x 817 px
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