QUICK DISCLAIMER : I meant to say "Thanks for making 2018 a bit more tolerable" but i'm too tired to fix this now, sorry lol.

This took way too much goddamn time than i expected, and it was physically painful to animate this... but hey, it was fun and it was worth it so i ain't complaining that much. C:

Now as all of you already know, it's Christmas and 2018 is nearly over (and it's my 19th birthday today, just sayin'). so i just wanted to take a moment to thank some people for being a part of this year and making it a bit more positive for me before it ended. even if we weren't around each other for the longest time ever - althought this was the case with some people - i still had a lot of fun with you guys and i wholeheartedly apprecaite all the good times we had, and i think you guys deserve a thank you from me. actually, you deserve more but i'm too broke, and i don't have any more time to do anything else. sorry guys xddd

But nah for real, i can't thank you guys enough for all the fun we had. i hope we can have more fun in the near future and i wish you all the best in life. and thank you for putting up with my stale memes, my terrible sense of humor, my complaints, my boring conversations, and etc... Merry Christmas, and i honestly love you guys. UwU

P.S : I was gonna add more names into this, but i felt like it'd be awkward to add people that i haven't been around, and that i'm not on good-terms with as much as the people i've mentioned here so... i apologize if you feel left out.

Again, thank you guys for being around. and Merry Christmas.

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FlorinGusa/WiLD11 : https://WiLD11.newgrounds.com / Twitter @FlorinGusa

Yomu-Chan : https://YomuChan.newgrounds.com

CyberDevil : https://CyberDevil.newgrounds.com


Ahi-mahii : www.deviantart.com/ahi-mahii

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Medusa-the-eternal : www.deviantart.com/Medusa-the-eternal

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Happy birthday man! Wish you a great 2019 :)

GHXULERS responds:

Thanks homie, hope you have a great 2019 too!

Its well-animated, and a python call seems pretty /cyber/. Though the background animation is pretty fluid, the text loads a little too fast. Instead, try making the text fade in a little and a pause before the transition to a new page. Are you learning the language, by chance? Lemme know if you ever need any books/resources on the subject.

Next year, you're coming with us to ... Iceland? Maybe Siberia? Alaska? Australia? Haven't really decided yet but I'm gonna go to the junkyard and find an extra car seat to weld into the bus right now. Happy (belated) birthday, friend! Hope you enjoy 2019 more than you had out of 2018!

GHXULERS responds:

Thanks for the review! and yeah, i wanted to make the text look better, but i'm fairly new to animating with Photoshop and it seemed like it'd be nearly impossible to pull that off properly. and no, i'm not really learning it anymore, although i am thinking about getting back to doing that.

I'll come over if i can, you know i kinda have to be in the military for the next 2 years or so, so i'm kinda stuck here atm. also thanks man! hope you have a great 2019 as well!

You do provide an interesting way of celebrating the end of the year. I'm hoping at least one birthday wish comes true for you today.

Thanks, LLT. <3

GHXULERS responds:

My only birthday wish is for you to be happy breh. also, you've known me for about 3-4 years now, you know i ain't kidding when i say that. UwU

No problem, fam!

Happy Birthday man. :) And thank you! Thank you for the neon artistry, bullet-riddled testing sessions and inspiring musical suggestions during the course of the year, for keeping this place interesting and for this heartfelt show of appreciation! Here's hoping the next year's full of good things and little bits and moments just like these! Merry Christmas too!

Regarding the loop: love the glitch effects. :) And that's a pretty crazy Christmas combo too, looking tired but ready for both battle and celebration! Whatever's up next! Street-fighter-like vibes on the sleeves too. Pretty cool.


GHXULERS responds:

Thanks man. i hope next year turns out even better for you than this one. and i hope we can still hang out until then. wuv u tbh homie UwU

Also, thanks for the review. glad you liked the drawing! and glad you like the glitch effects because they took me like hours to finish lol. like i was actually done with the drawing and could have uploaded it last night, but i had to do these glitch effects XD. again, thanks for the review! and Merry Christmas.

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4.45 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2018
6:22 PM EST
Pixel Art
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