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UFO Robot Grendizer 73 - Vega Beast Zasu Zasu


Vega Beast Zasu Zasu was the 70th monster by order of Appearance featured in Ep.65 of the UFO Robot Grendizer anime tv series. It was one the few Piloted Mecha Vega Beasts seen and was operated by Commander Sadon. It had a Red/Blue/Purple/green yellow color scheme; Zasu resembled a humanoid with a dome shape head with horns; sporting claws for hands and a long tail with pincers in the end. It was Red/Blue/Purple/green yellow in color scheme. The head was detachable and operated as an UFO for infiltration operations, had beams & acid that came from the pincers.

The Arrogant Commander Sadon was given command of Zasu Zasu to infiltrate an Uranium Reserve facility Northwest of Tokyo, with the intent to destroy it and release a radioactive cloud, which the winds would blow it to and covering the city, killing its population, allowing a take over with no resistance. He infiltrates the area under the cover of a missile barrage on Tokyo: Team Grendizer intercepts and destroys most, but one by passes the city, Koji follows & shoots it down, (a Pod is release and hides underground in the woods), but Debris of the missile crashes on a house, injuring a mother and her child; later, despite expecting to survive, Koji still feels responsible for their injury, and the following day spends searches the woods, learning from Umon the missile was headed to the Uranium Facility, suspecting (correctly) an infiltration; on two instances, stumbling upon Sadon & his men in disguise.

(Sadon is something of an Smug Ass, cause his mission is to Destroy Grendizer with his Beast, and he trained Night and Day for the opportunity, but Gandal doesn't take his shit & gives the mission).

Concerned he may have been found, Sadon proceeds to infiltrate the Facility via river as Koji finds their clothes on the river bank: these emit strong Vegatron radiation and he calls the rest of the team Grendizer for back up. Duke finds them swimming up river and blast them with Anti Gravity storm, killing four of them (no kidding they explode on impact with the ground) and Sadon is force to run back to the Pod, viewing it as his chance to defeat the Mecha, ignoring General Gandal's orders in the process.

Zasu Zasu comes out of hiding and the pod (it's head) connects with it; Sadon proceed to take on Grendizer and the others, destroying the Double Harken, blocking missiles and firing its laser beam. He tackles the Mecha and melts part of its right leg with acid, though the Marine Spazer cuts its tail with the Cutter, and Duke uses Anti Gravity storm to lift it in the air, Koji boards Driller Spazer as Grendizer collapses (due to the melted leg) and Zasu comes down – wanting the kill, Koji in control of the Driller speeds towards the Monster, blasting its eyes with Driller Missiles, and smashing through it with the Driller On, destroying it and killing Sadon. Maria hugs Koji, losing control and the Spazer Driller presumably crashes, Koji screaming on the way down.

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Nov 28, 2021
11:03 PM EST
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2992 x 3360 px
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