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!Story Time!

Pum Pum was once a chubby little adventurer infatuated with Tono; a highly decorated warrior with raven black hair, skin dressed with scars and eyes like onyx stones. What a cutie. Tono invited Pum Pum to search for a ghoulish presence in the forest that had been haunting the village. His pathetic little heart fluttered. There was no hesitation in his feeble body and so they were off.

Pum Pum was known to be a wizard of sorts and he didn't hesitate to showboat like a twerp. Magic was uncommon and that certainly added some charm to the tubby little oddity but Tono paid him no mind. She was focused on her prey. After a few hours of searching they decided to make camp. Upon reviewing her supplies Tono discovered that she had forgotten her Revvie flask; a drink that could save one's life from certain doom.

"Well not like REAL adventurer's need'em anyways, am I right?" a smile hung nervously on her face as she flexed her guns. Pum Pum was impressed. "It's OK! I have a spare you can have!" he wiggled over to her flask in hand. Tono accepted it graciously. It was a smooth move until he realized he only had one in his satchel. There was no way he'd tell her. "I'm a REAL adventurer." is all he thought and so the adventure continued...

What an idiot.

Moaw, had asked me to draw "Pum Pum". This is what I made. He's a ghost of an adventurer whose only hope is to steal back his Revvie flask from the girl he's in love with. Possessing the clothes of a corpse he tries to hide among the living. No one must ever know his shame.

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This is fucking adorable.

FuShark responds:

You fucking made me blush.

I have NO FREAKING IDEA what to do for the rest of the month but just go on newgrounds and look at art and watch madness shorts

FuShark responds:

Yes. Nothing but this.

HAHA! So that's why he has those weird little protrusions on his cheeks/chin! It's his REAL, tiny, adorable ghost hands! At first I thought it was a mustache of some sort. No wonder he has invisible legs! He's some kind of adorable magic ghost balloon sitting on top of moving clothes.

I'm glad this was frontpaged. Totally worth the fun epiphany and my ranting exposition.

FuShark responds:

Hah! Glad you enjoyed it. :P

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Oct 23, 2017
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