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This is 13, one of my D&D characters. I decided to draw up something new of her to show what she's looking like nowadays in the campaign. Here's some of story stuff I've written too if anyone's interested.


13 was a slave to an academy of wizards but escaped and grew up on her own in the wilds. She believes her club is possessed with the spirit of her friend 5, a goblin boy who died during their escape and was cursed to reside in it. She vowed to set them free one day and constantly talks to it.

Despite her seclusion she longs for societies acceptance and tries her best to fit in. 13 wanders into towns frequently looking for any jobs she can find. While she enjoys wealth her main goal is finding a way to free her friend. She's a bit on the loud side and has an infectious laugh that's earned her the name "the laughing boar". She's littered with scars but the only one that bothers her is the one she got on her cheek ruining her "beauty". She claims it's her greatest failure. A Grung had thrown a rock at her which left the scar for "stealing" it's fish which she had just caught while fishing.

During her recent travels into the Mad Mage's dungeon she's become attached to her adventuring party Belthazar, Marrero and Quinkin.

Quinkin lost his life during a fight which led 13 to spend time reflecting on the death of her friend 5. She realized 5 was never trapped inside her club. She had to accept that her friend was gone and left the club on Quinkin's grave.

She continues on with her adventuring partners in the hopes of helping them on their quests. She knows Marrero is in need of tons of money and is willing to help in whatever way she can but Belthazar is still quite a mystery to her.

Euron is the latest member of the team who's apparently seeking revenge for his dead wife which he claims to still see. She doesn't care for his strange ways but does feel a strong connection to his plight believing he too is just stricken with grief the way she was over 5.


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It’s Aladdin BUT A G I R L

Every night I turn off my brain for looking at art, and here you are making me turn it on again to read. In the end, I must say I enjoy a good spot of lore, and a good drawing to go alongside it.

FuShark responds:

Ah I'm sorry to disrupt your ritual but I'm glad someone reads what I write. Thanks! :'>

only now am i noticing how amazing that nose ring is. wow. i mean can a nose ring look any better??? i am FLOORED. by that nose ring.

the rest of the piece is cool too I GUESS

FuShark responds:

I mean that's fair. I owe everything to nose rings honestly.

I really love the color scheme here

FuShark responds:

Thanks it was honestly pretty tricky to nail.

This was another Feelspasta to me, normally I had feeling down! But this, this was fine.

FuShark responds:

I-I think I'm too old to understand this comment...Thanks? lol

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Jan 17, 2021
3:26 AM EST
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1791 x 3106 px
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