Travelling Oasis Version 2!



Okay so i said i'd try it with a person on the island and remove a bit of the yellow...

I altered the lighting which was making the image yellow ao the sky ad land stands out more and the whole image looks more vivid.

Please let me know what you think.


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I'm looking through all of your work...

And I keep telling myself that I have to be more careful about what I favorite, and I keep telling myself that the next picture of yours that I see I will NOT favorite, but, alas, I've favorited all of them that I've seen. :D


You know your stuff, man. Ever thought of making a game with these?

Funkyfists responds:

yeah acctually i'm making a game where the player explorers different epic landscapes in search of a way home... It's still in early stages but i think it will be awsome.


Dude, this is great. I have to give you props for this.

Funkyfists responds:

Woo! thanks!


You did pretty good Funkyfists, I like how its just floating, listen if I were a hollywood star and I had more than $3000 dollars at the house right now, pssssshhhhhh just kiddin'. If i were rich enough I would buy that picture off of you for $10,000 and make a video game off of it. It has a lot of character!! No kiddin' It rules!! Double thumbs up...

Funkyfists responds:

heheh cheers

Need more work, but still pretty good!

Sorry if I'm a bit too harsh on ya, hope it'll help.

-first thing that strikes is a mirror water surface, put some waves (might not be easy but especially when there is high reflection this is important). The image uses a realistic look, and mirror surface like this with huge black clouds on top doesn't make any sense. If this was intended then forget about my comment.. : )

-The rocky surface on the island (brown rocks) is badly mapped (the uv map) or the resolution of your texture is too low, I can "see" the texture stretch and end

-The water has a red-green-blue kinda video noise texture on it, feels a bit weird.

On a final note, yes, there is good stuff in your image, the matte painting is great, it's a nice idea too. Just a bit more work and it's going to be a 10.. ^_^

Keep up the good work!

Funkyfists responds:

I don't think you were toooooo harsh... lol.
I guess i didn't think about the storm affecting the sea... Oh well... i used anim8or which doesn't actually do reflections. So i had to simulate it which wouldn't have worked if i had waves. Oh well, ill fix up the texture, thanks for the review!

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Jun 28, 2009
7:12 AM EDT
3D Art
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