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Something my subconscious cooked up. What if pitch ran into my characters? Well it's a big mess XD I might be the only person who finds this funny, but I don't care.
This took me way longer than intended. So long that i forgot what the actual dialogue was, so had to come up with a shitty replacement >.>.

To put this into perspective:

A few year after Pitches defeat in the movie, he manages to escape from his lair and his rampant nightmares. He had lost near all his power, the most he could do was hide in the shadows, although not very efficiently.

Homeless and hopeless, The Nightmare King spent his time wandering, looking for a break, a purpose or even, to waste away. No one could see him, none believed in him. Alone, So very much alone...tired and broken. His broken body not even a match to the sorrow and desolation he felt. Only the instinctive fear in the hearts of mortals was keeping him 'alive'.
He had noticed a surge of fear on a near nightly basis from a nearby town. Eventually his curiosity got the better of him. What was making the humans so scared? Once in town, a strange feeling made it's way over him, something unnerving and hungry, yet eerily familiar. He made his way to the source, and was shocked at what he found. A creature he believed had disappeared and blended into the modern age, and yet, something was off. Appearance was the least of his surprises. It was dark, so very dark but...Inside of a person? He had been the only one to be so full of darkness. To meet someone similar to him, probably just as old, A being of darkness and NOW of all times. Why never before? Where had this creature come from? Was it a replacement? An Ancient vampire? Here? Now? What...How?

As his mind wandered, He noticed a faint yet unmistakable scent. The scent of fear though very well masked. Maybe he could use this. Regain his power and rebuild his kingdom once again. Maybe he had just found his salvation from certain oblivion. Hopefully thing would go smoothly, maybe his reputation would be enough, despite his current condition. He shook his head, not wanting to remember that. He took in a deep breath, settling his own nerves, did his best to hide his injuries and weakness, then stepped out of the shadows. "Beautiful night, isn't it?" He stated, quite innocently.


So yeah a short little drabble to the set the scene.
Pitch needs to learn to talk less. Quick explanation, Pitch is assuming that Ray knows what and who he is, which he doesn't. Ray can be as dumb as a plank sometimes. He doesn't recognise Pitch as a threat, seeing how weak he is. The only caution that he feels is fuelled by Pitches confidence and forward attitude. So he stays wary of him. But when Pitch moves infront of him, with his back to him, everything changes. It makes his hunting instincts kick in. Pitch is now pray....Not for long though. I don't know if Pitch would be vampire repellent per say, but he's certainly Ray repellent.

Following this Ray tries his best to get away from Pitch. And even though he's just been attacked, Pitch is desperate enough to follow him around and continue to try and convince him to join him, thinking that he's the only solution he has. After all, they're both beings of Darkness.

If you helps you understand, Ray's thought pattern is fairly simple. What is it? How do I kill it? Can I eat it?

Ray Belongs to Freyaloi
Pitch belongs to Rise of the guardiens

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