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Son of Neptune


I've been practicing anatomy for the past months so this M&A thing was totally up my alley. Inspirited by roman/greek art but no reference used at all.

Edit: made the thumbnail size bigger and fixed the background.

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This has actually become my favorite submission. The emphasis on anatomy really lives up to the spirit of the competition. I love how defined everything is, and the picture is overall very complete looking. Now here come the critiques:

1.) the arms are a bit on the short side. The average human arm length has it so that, if they were to hang their arms to their sides and extend the fingers, the fingertips would be a few inches above the knee. Here, the fingertips would probably only go halfway down the thigh.

2.) the abs. His abs are extremely defined. But with that amount of definition, I think you would start to see an "8 pack" instead of a "6 pack", since the abdominal muscles are segmented into 4 pairs, not 3.

3.) the pecs. The pecs here are very large and square, and seem to wrap around the body slightly. Pecs actually angle up a little more toward the outside bottom corners and "tuck" into the armpits. This also means that, if you move your shoulder upward or forward (like the far shoulder), the pec would stretch in that direction. You also have the nipples sitting squarely in the middle of each pec. Nipples are typically more to the outside corner.

4.) The muscles in the neck. If you turn your head sideways, the muscles opposite the direction you turn your head to (the ones facing the viewer) are actually the relaxed ones. Muscles only contract, they do not exert force. So he has really tense looking muscles in the viewer side of his neck but they should be relaxed in that position.

5.) Deltoids. The deltoid muscles actually stretch further into the torso than what you've drawn. In fact, they visually overlap the top outer corners of the pecs. You kind of have this straight line separating the pecs from the delts, though they (visually) overlap each other at an angle. Muscles generally overlap at angles.

But man, I am blown away by this. It's so perfect for this competition. It's like you're giving us an anatomy dissertation. Beautiful.

Flowers10 responds:

Again some valid points, but some of the stuff you mentioned i learned differently, maybe its me idk.
I want to thank you for the critique i really appreciate it!

Glad to see I'm not the only one doing a male nude for the M&A.
You're mostly pretty perfect, anatomy wise, but there are a few problems. I'm gonna be super nitpicky with you, since you've got everything else down.
One of the key problems is that while you've done such a great job on the muscles and bones, you haven't really consider the fatty deposits in the skin much- the muscles have so much definition that the figure seems skinless.

The pectorals are a bit more like horizontal bands than they should be- you chosen to illustrate the upper striations but not the lower ones, leaving viewers with the impression that there's an additional set of muscles above the pectorals. In any case, I've never seen a living man or a photo of a man's chest where the striations are visible- the flesh should cover them up.

Next problem is the muscles on either side of the rectus abdominis muscles (six-pack). There should be two sets- the external obliques and the serratus anteriors. Your figure's side musles have either divided into several shorter muscles or you've attempted to show the ribs under the muscles- in any case it looks like there are many more sets (horizontally) than there should be.

Other problems- the ball of the tibia should a hair more to the right and a little bit bigger and rounder on the viewer's left leg. I love that you included the indentation near the upper trochanter of the femur, but in this pose I don't think it would be quite so accented.

The proportions seem pretty excellent. Might help to add some orange highlight to the rest of the piece, to make his fiery corona more believable.

Flowers10 responds:

I didn't learn the names of all the muscles and stuff and google doesnt allways work when im searching your terms, but the things i did understand are very valid, Thanks!

i rarely review "nude" artworks BUT just made my day xD
espacily at the moment the photo was loading i was like "oh this is gonna be heavy! this is gonna be heavy D:" until the load came to his tail and i was like "OMGWTFBBQ XDDD" i havent laughed that much since a video in YT xDD
btw your coloring style is pretty wacked yo :) very impressive
the body anatomy is also amazing :)

nice work ^^


I feel the red explosion thing really constrasts the blue in this pic.

I have a major problem with the colour of his wang. I think it should be bluer...

I can't believe I just said that.

Also, I think the composition might be more powerful if the guy's arm was fully stretched out, rather than a somewhat limp Star Wars Emperor "No match for the dark side" lightning shooting pointy gesture.

Still, absolutely LOVE that shade of blue in the background, deep deep blue. Excellent.

Love the colour choice here and the sunburst behind the head looks great.
I feel that his right nipple should be a little further to his right.
And the feet could be a tad bigger.

Flowers10 responds:

It's commenly know that men with small feet have tiny dicks.
Thanks for the critique!

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