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To Write Love on Her Arms .


EDIT: Thanks for frontpage ! :)
Also I would like to thank Heather for the reference photo which I used for this drawing
link to her deviantArt account - http://xxxheatherannxxx.d eviantart.com (without space)
Deviantart ID - xxxheatherannxxx

A drawing of mine :)

Used A4, pencil and charcoal pencil .

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The eyes

Let me start off this review of this decent art piece with saying that this was a good piece of artwork, this shows some good effort on your part, and you really bring things together very well with this piece, There might be some recomendations later but you seem to have it down for the mostpart. The eyes are like if they are starring right at me so that was something neat and had a mystery to it, The whole piece was pretty good some nice sketching, good tone here, the only real issue i had was that maybe the dogtag was abit off but not by much, other then that this was actually a pretty solid piece, as for improvments maybe some more detail and scratches in the dogtag. And in closing you have some good artwork here some decent detail effort, and it shows, dont know if i can suggest any improvments but if i do you will see it, but other then that this was actually notbad and has some good effort behind it so nice job there.

and once again i come to suggest a few idea that may or may not help but in the end i do hope these tips, ideas and any advice i do offer does helpwith this art piece and or future ones or just upgrades for that matter but for the most of it i enjoy the work you do here. But as for this one and above there is not much improvment i see maybe more detail in the dogtag thing she is holding, but other then that this was alright.

Flashmovieboy responds:

Thank you for such a detailed criticism ! I'm glad you liked the piece and I agree with the mistakes you brought out. . . thank you again !

This looks just so fucking reality.
Really good art.
But the only thing that disturb me is that the right doesnt match in after all, it looks
so different after all, sry but -0.5 stars of that.
Please make more of this :D.

Flashmovieboy responds:

Yeah, I know about that eye thing. . but thanks a lot !

She looks a little scared...

Aside from the facial expression, this is an awesome piece. I think that softening the lines around the eyes, closing it up around the corner and "relaxing" the expression on her face a little may turn it from shock to longing.

The hands could use a little detail on the palms - the creases for the life line and so forth, ever so finely from the thumb, to the middle of the wrist. I also spotted that you made the pupil of her left eye (her left, your right) slightly smaller than that of the other side. Perhaps a small error in drawing, or is it an observation from a photograph, due to the light being less on the one eye, from the curtain of hair, obstructing it slightly?

What is she supposed to be holding? I get the feeling that it could be a dog-tag plate, which would require a bit more of a uniform typeface, to hold that script. If it's something like an eraser, then you can get away with a more haphazard style.

Good work.

[Review Request Club]

Flashmovieboy responds:

The observations you've made are right on to the point. The errors with the creases of the life line come from reference photo not reaching that much in width so I had to improvise, which is of course less precise than drawing according to a reference. The issue of pupils are explained in my previous responses, and yeah, my mistake on that one.

It's a dogtag plate indeed. I agree that it looks unnatural, but at that point I had everything drawn out already and I was afraid to smudge the rest, so I tried to avoid drawing in the middle section (dogtag) as much as possible. Again, I probably should had spent more time and drew it earlier. . .

Thank you for taking time to observe my work of art ! :)

I'm not a fan of this type of art but this is pretty good!

Flashmovieboy responds:

Thank you for appreciation ! :)

Not going to give some big deep meaningful review.

Just simple and to the point. I seen this from a distance, Came to see it and was very pleased with what I Seen. That is to say what I saw.

I love this picture, It fills me with thoughts of people I know and care about. It tickles my brain and gets it thinking.

Flashmovieboy responds:

It's cool that you find my piece of work inspiring . Thank you anyway ! :)

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3.76 / 5.00

May 9, 2012
6:20 PM EDT
Fine Art
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