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Mar 14, 2010 | 2:51 PM EDT
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754 x 334 px
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Yet, another picture for my fellow ppl of ng!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice pic. Very nice. The detail is incredible. If only it were bigger and had more vertical lenght, it'd fit nicely as a wallpaper.

On to the pic itself. Starting with the background, i loved the dark purple gradient you used, as somehow it seemed to mix perfectly with the foreground picture. I also liked the fact that the background faded to black as it approached the sig. As for the streams of light thingies, i liked the fact that they werent completely solid, but more separate beams. I also liked the helixes spiralling around them, and the white splashes of paint drops which gave the pic some extra cool factor.

Overall, its a fantastic piece, with a great use of the division of thirds to draw the eye to the main section, but with enough detail in the remainder to allow the viewer to enjoy every pixel of the pic. Nice work!

=Review Request Club=

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Yeah, I did want this to be used as a wallpaper...kinda of stretched out but it still looks good.

Thanks for the review!
Had to spruce it up, so I added the paint splatters!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

First things I notice is that the ETH3R signature is getting a lot more inconspicuous; it's still prominent enough to be noticeable, and so it should, being a kind of 'tag', but it's no longer part of the focal point of the piece, and so it feels like it is more about the art, with the signature taking a far more secondary role. Though as some other people have said, you could probably stand it being perhaps even more subtle, just so it doesn't look so much like it was just rubber-stamped in right at the end.

It's great that the 'full size' image is also bigger, but still keeps the smoothness and detail; I remember last time having some quarrel with one of your arts losing the definition when I looked at the fuller picture, and it's nice to see the same thing hasn't been repeated. Though reading some of the other comments and realising you are kind of aiming towards a wallpaper-type style, I'd say the full size could do with being even bigger, just to more fully emulate the kind of size you tend to get with desktop wallpapers.

Again you see the kind of things I'm sort of guessing are your speciality; a focal point in a burst of light, mainly being white + several shades of a more vibrant colour, mixing between the straight lines and the more freehand-esque curves. You do those well, and I think you probably know that as well. You also create a really good sense of dimension between the light and the streams coming out of it, and the shading of the purple straight lines coming out of the light burst changing into darker shades also helps this out a lot. The way the more curved lines also fade out is good, but gets a little confusing when I see it fades out when really close to the light as well, which kind of makes them feel a little less incorporated into the piece just because the light-burst isn't affecting them in the same way.

And the paint splatters, I'm kind of in two minds about. Because they add another bit of variety, another nice bit of juxtaposition between the lines and the colours, but they simply don't feel as dimensional as the rest of the piece; it does feel like you've simply added it as a final layer on photoshop and put them right on top along with the signature, so I'm not sure whether it works or not. That being said, it does make the background itself feel a lot less blank, and so is probably something of a good addition, in all.

All in all though, it's obvious you're improving. Just keep it up.

-Review Request Club

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Wow you got my intentions down, your a good observer....far better than I could imagine....don't think the world is ready for this, guess I'm gonna have to eliminate you....jk

Anyways yeah you payed attention, and responded with great detail, so kudos for that sir!

Yeah I added in the splatters at the last minute to fill up the blank spots...what do you suggest I should do with the sig?

I'll take note of that (make pic's larger, for wallpapers)

Thanks for the review!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good!

Yeah, definitely not much wrong with this. The fact that you made it from scratch is great too. Good job, this'll make a perfect wallpaper ^^.

The colour scheme is very impressive. As Haggard said, the colours go very well together, and the mixture of different shades of purple and white was excellent. Maybe you should make the part where the lines and waves meet (let's call it the "Supernova") on the left hand side of the picture a little brighter, to make it more powerful and eye-catching. I like how you made the purple get darker and darker as it went further away from the Supernova, since it provided a cool effect. I'll have to agree with the people below me about that signature though. It didn't fit too well, although the colour and font itself was fine. The fact that you added a 'splatter' texture didn't fit with the sparks and waves all over the picture.

The concept unfortunately is quite unoriginal. I've seen many pictures with a light and something spreading out of the light before. Still, usually pictures like this would have the light or portal in the middle of the picture, while yours is on the left, so it adds a bit to the originality ^^. The lines and waves together really complimented each other and looked fantastic, and the lighting effects were cool, if not a bit too weak at times. Good job in general :).

My biggest complaint would probably be the background to the piece. Next to the Supernova and behind the waves and lines, the background is almost void, except with a few white dots here and there. I think if you fill up that background a bit more with starry/shining things, maybe a planet, etc, it'll be much more interesting to look at.

Overall, this is an excellent submission, with a few nitpicky defects here and there. Good job in all, I liked it! And yeah, why aren't you scouted? :S
Recommended for the Art Portal.

-Review Request Club-

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Kinda of hard to be original with amount of ppl on ng already uploading there art to the art portal! Just wanted to get that across that It's hard to be original cuz there is someone around the world bound to be interested in drawing the samething as someone else.

Anyways yet again thanks for the long review

Not much to say since I've been answering alot of the same questions

As for the sig most of the splatter effect came from the splatter behind the text not the font itself. (guess nobody really noticed that at all)

Btw the spark effects are just splatters from a brush, but I still thinks it's cool how everyone assumed it was something I never thought about adding to this pic. :D

As for the background It was suppose to be something special since there is already alot going on in the piece to begin with....didn't make a galaxy in the background cuz I wasnt really going for the supernova just happen to turn out that way, and everyone assumed it was a supernova after "Coop83 said it looked like one."

Thanks for the review!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Are you trying to get the desktop wallpaper market with these pieces? I think that certainly, they have a great potential for this sort of thing and you've got the talent to design them. What program do you use?

The signature does look less conspicuous in this piece, which is a great thing to see. You've clearly allowed the piece to focus on the art itself, as opposed to the sign writing that you've used for the name. Perhaps you need to make it even more discrete, by having it smaller and along the plane of the foreground stream, for example.

A good use of a limited colour palette has yielded good results. Keep up the good work.

[Review Request Club]

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Flash-Gamers responds:

Yeah, that's kinda of my thing...but where would I need to go to actually see these?

Oh yeah I use photoshop CS2

Thanks for the review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

~ Review Request Club ~

I really liked this one. I thought it was by far the best one that you have. For the question that you have of why you don't know why your not scouted yet, I might be able to answer that. For the art portal they want things that you have hand created yourself or created yourself in a program. This looks like more preset effect works than anything else. I don't know though because I haven't done art like this before. I've known of people not being scouted or having their art removed from the portal simply because it was all effect and not their work. Instead it should be your work with a little bit of effect here and there to add to the picture, but not the main attraction. Again, like I said, I don't know if that's what you did though because I really don't know much about art programs.

On to why I like this now. It was almost like an explosion of fun. My eyes have so many things to look at that are so good. The things look like lasers coming out of some sort of explosion. The coolest things that you added would have to be the spark like effects and the laser that goes around the straight ones.

The uses of purple, black, and white probably have to be one of my favorite colors in pieces of art like this. The signature was pretty cool, but almost not fitting with the rest of the picture. The effect that you give the ETH3R is more of a splatter effect that makes me think of blood or something that is spilled when the rest of the picture is all about sparks, energy, and electricity.

The piece is really cool though and it looks great. Keep up the good work.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Flash-Gamers responds:


Thanks for the review!

Yeah, I use photoshop to make all of my art, I just use different brushes and layers to give it the effect it has right now. Nothing more, and nothing less.

But you should really give phtoshop a go, if you haven't use it yet; it'll help you assume less often when you see my NEW ARTWORK. Since you'll know that anything can be made in phtoshop and look "semi-professional."

The sig though it's not really an effect, all it really is just plain old downloaded font! :D