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Author Comments

Another picture I did in photoshop, getting better!


Into the ether

Well, it's a functional identity marker or a banner for various things to do with Ether. I like the visual effects that you've used here, but the quality could be made a little sharper , just showing a more crisp detail to the lettering and allowing it to stand out from the background a little more.

The dark and red colour scheme is a good choice. I like the way that you've blended the colours together and put some sharp detail with the blue lines, which reminds me a little of TRON. Perhaps the piece could be made in just blue, so that it really does look completely like it was from that film, since that should be going through a renaissance this year - the bandwagon is there to be jumped upon :)

[Review Request Club]

Flash-Gamers responds:

Thanks for your review......yeah, but I'm not gonna be redoing this picture can't say much about what I need to fix.....

Wouldn't mind doing a blue version; of this but....................maybe later

But guess what, I made a REMAKE of it so go and check it out!

Review Request Club

I read that the blue lines were an annoying consequence of getting the white explosion in the corner to stick out, but I still think you could have tried to at least attenuate them, if you couldn't get rid of them completely, because they are pretty distracting as they are. But that's been gone over repeatedly, so I'll say no more about that.

That aside, the light explosion in the corner is nicely done; I like all the different parts of it and how there's all the different arcs that come out of it, and how they kind of vary between a really sharp definition and a vaguely ethereal blur. So despite the blue lines being a result of it, it was probably worth it if that's the result.

That being said, I think the white "Eth3r" tag gets a little lost when the white goes behind it. It's not in an extreme way, but for instance, the bottom of the E, and the longer legs of the h/t get a little blurred up because of the background. So maybe that could be remedied if the tag had a sharper line to it or if the background at that point had a bit more red to it. But in general, it's not that much of a problem.

You use up the space of the image well, but at the same time it's not too busy throughout (with the little exception of the white in the middle), so that's a good thing. If I was going to nitpick I'd say the space to the left of the light-explosion could if anything use being a little darker, just to give it a little more contrast. I was going to say the top-right corner isn't busy ENOUGH, but then again it serves as a nice counterpoint; light-and-dark, so to speak.

Could maybe be improved a little, but in all this is a nice piece, good work.

-Review Request Club

Flash-Gamers responds:

"Enough with the critisim on the blue lines!" That was directed towards anyone else that complains about that (if anyone reviews it in the future)

Well now where was I...Ah first I wanna say thanks for the review!

Don't think I could've made the left side darker due to the aura of white radiating out of the "explosion," cuz it would still appear to be no difference in the light level. Notice that as the picture shifts to the right, the picture seems to get darker; almost like a gradient of light to dark. (hidden effect)

Overall, most of everything you said, has been answered below...but I will keep everything you said, as well as everyone else in consideration when or if I ever make a particular illustration like this again.

Thanks for the review, much appreciated!

~ Review Request Club ~

I feel that the blue that you used could have been a bit more blurred or blended more with the background. It seems to clean for the picture. The dark/black colors that you used worked very good with the other colors and was a nice base or background.

I felt that you made the red blur perfectly and it's something that you should look into doing with the blues as well. The small circle shapes that you used and the wave white line behind the word ETH3R was pretty cool as well. They all seem very fitting.

The white that you used was very bright and worked well with the background, but I do feel that it mixed too much with the word in the middle. There might be a couple of ways of dealing with this such as making the word have a distinct outline or maybe by changing the shade of color you used slightly.

An all around good piece, but the mess of white in the middle could be improved a little bit. It's an overload of one thing in my opinion.

~ Review Request Club ~

Flash-Gamers responds:

Yeah, sorry about the blue. It was apart of the filter I had to use to get the explosion of ligt in the bottom left corner to really stick out.

Was thinking about putting an outline around my art name....but thought it would make ETH3R stick out a lot more than I wanted it to...almost too busy; but thanks though.

Yeah, now looking back it needs more red lines overall.

Thanks for the review!


I liked so much the visual effect of the painting, it seems so futuristic and so realistic at the same time, it gave me a nice and different feeling, the colors are very crucial to the art, it gives life to the job...

I liked the ETH3R coming from that white thing, i think you have a nice creativity. I loved the red and white effects that you putted in the art... This gave some kind of life to the painting, because the white did a nice shading on the black background... That's why it's so nice and futuristic... Great job!! You can use it as a BBS signature, it would be AWESOME!!

(Review Request Club)

Flash-Gamers responds:

Yo, thanks a lot...I can tell you took the time and looked at the detail of the picture also..which I thank you for that.

Never thought about using it as a sig, mainly intended on it to be used as a wallpaper or something for what I aimed for.


I like the effect you use here. It spreads out from the bottom left corner over the whole picture, which looks pretty cool. You also croped the image in a good way, so we aren't left with a big canvas where nothing really happens.

I don't like the blue lines in here too much, but reading your response to Joshsouza's review I learned that you had to put them in there... pity, they are misplaced in the picture I think. It kinda disturbs the nice effect created by the white and red lines.

{ Review Request Club }

Flash-Gamers responds:

Yeah I was trying to figure out a way to cover the entire area instead of just a portion of it. Yeah, I should've just tried to erase the blue lines even if it wouldn't work.

I'll remember to keep my colors consistent.

Thanks for the review, much appreciated!

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Mar 7, 2010 | 9:30 AM EST
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754 x 334 px
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